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how long does it take to learn javascript
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do you ever wonder why javascript is so hard to understand why was HTML CSS so much more easier to understand but the moment I got to JavaScript I just felt like I was stuck ima go ahead explain it right after this video see you guys after the intro what is up YouTube today Im actually trying to do something a lot different today what I want to do something is called three minute Thursdays where I make it a goal to answer a question that someone asked well in three minutes and so what I want to do right now is actually want to answer it why is JavaScript so hard to learn what makes it so different compared to HTML and CSS Im gonna go ahead and make it a goal to do this in three minutes man I dont know Im gonna do it Im gonna try javascript is a hard language to talk about but lets go ahead and do it lets begin this right now so the question is why JavaScript so hard to learn what makes it so do I have my ear pod on oh my gosh all right why is JavaScript so hard to learn what makes you so different from everything else well

what makes javascript so much more different compared to other languages for example a lot of people who go in the front end development the first two languages they learn arent actually programming languages HTML CSS what are they they are marked up languages that are used to just make that page but javascript is a programming language now what do I mean by this learning JavaScript I guess you could say its similar but its also not similar to learning Spanish or lets say youre learning french youre learning something like that why is because when you look when it comes to learning JavaScript what youre learning is something that is used to speak through a computer so you could technically say what is it that youre learning right now or what youre trying to learn when youre learning JavaScript that youre learning how to speak to a computer youre learning a computer language youre learning something where you need to tell the computer or the browser what to do this is what makes JavaScript so hard because when youre lying HTML and CSS its very simple you know in HTML youre building the Dom using divs using labels using the body using simple elements like a paragraph element span element a text

area element whatever you want to call it when it comes to CSS youre simply targeting targeting a class or an ID or an element and youre telling it be this color do this when you each sister and hightened do this do that youre making mobile-friendly but javascript is used to make something alive javascript is used to make your website very easy use functional make it really fun to use and interactive as well and Ill see one of the reasons I think that javascript is one of the hardest language to learn or why can be very different is because JavaScript number one it requires logic to learn to be able to think logically you need to be able to see from the computers perspective why you need this to do that why is that when you click on this button and if this value equals this or if this value equals that it does this you have to really see when you work at JavaScript you have to be able to see it from this perspective of a computer which makes it very hard because thats not how were taught to think were very thought the thing very differently and I guess you get stay in the guard so just

you know you see things in front of you but when it comes to computer languages you have to really see it in a way that will help the Creator understand what you want to do but last but not least to give you some words of an encouragement before it just ends is that when it comes to JavaScript yes it is hard to learn but its very much worth it javascript is where the money is that javascript is where the jobs are at when it comes to front-end developers javascript when you learn react youll get a job in a matter of maybe six months if not a year but you have to think about it going from making 20 or 30 K year to 7880 care year wolf in this short amount of time frame its not normal so the fact that we get to do this is huge so dont give up keep coding hope you guys enjoy this so thats it my javascript in three minutes so if you guys like these separate videos make sure you like this video just grab and and Ill see you guys the next one this is Chris Sean this is life for a developer see you guys tomorrow peace up

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