What is STRSTR function in PHP

php strstr
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hi everyone this lemon shake and todays I am going to start a new video tutorial series on PHP string functions okay so the first string function that Im going to discuss in this first video of my series is STR STR okay so this one of the widely used functions and this function returns the first occurrence of the string okay so here you can see these the syntax of this function again here it takes the string and it has two parameters it takes two arguments one my first parameter is the string and the second

parameter is the search keyword okay and its a case sensitive okay here is our example here I have mentioned the email and using the STR STR function I try to find the occurrence of this Oh inside this string okay so what this STR STR function will do is whenever in the string it finds the character Oh from there it will take the entire data and then it will print the data to the user as an output okay here you can see here I have mentioned the out since for the search keyword I have

mentioned the character Oh so it will search for this particular character Oh in this entire string and whenever it finds that character from there to the end of the string it will take that data and it will display that data as an output okay so now let me just run this maybe so here because you have already executed this program see yes yeah its displaying the explanation as well STR STR function returns the first occurrence of the string we are in season its displaying the output okay it starts displaying the output from the

Oh first oh okay present in that entire string so previously the string was we have was at gmail.com and now since Im matching since Im finding for the word Oh or character Oh from there it will display the entire string okay and heres a case in stubbe sø if you try to find the character of capital o it will not give you the output see now its not displaying the output that means its case sensitive it makes the difference between smaller letters and capital letters okay again if I change it to smaller o

then it will display me the output okay so now the STR STR function which is one of the string function of PHP is used for returning the first occurrence of the string okay so thats a small explanation on STR STR function I hope you liked this video I hope you got some useful and valuable information out of this video if you liked this video click like button share it with your friends and I will see you guys in my next video when I will be discussing some other PHP string function and thanks for watching

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