What is a WWAN?

what is wwan
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what is a WWAN a wireless wine area network or WWAN is a way to connect to the internet without wires achieved using cellular tower technology cellular service companies offer this type of connection for a monthly fee or alternately on a page you needed basis the connectivity allows a user with a laptop and a special card to surf the Internet check email or connect to a virtual private network VPN from anywhere within the regional boundaries of cellular service as people become more dependent on online technology to conduct business and keep information flowing wireless connectivity has become a virtual necessity many hotels and communities

offer local connectivity but coverage is often spotty or non-existent WWAN can all but guarantee connectivity when the user needs it to take advantage of this technology a user must first purchase a WWAN PC card for his or her laptop unless the connectivity is built in by purchasing the card and paying a monthly fee the user only needs to slip the card into the PC card slot sometimes known as the PCMCIA slot to access the service plans vary among providers but most tolerated according to data download caps in some cases a person may not require 24/7 access to the service but would like

to use it occasionally when free local networks are not available some providers have plans that allow users to pay by the day for connectivity by using the WWAN card the person commits to a small charge securing a 24-hour pass at the end of the 24 hour period the user can no longer connect unless he or she purchases another pass as an alternate to a WWAN card it is possible to connect some cell phones directly to a laptop using a universal serial bus USB cable the cell phone acts as a modem to patch the laptop into the Internet this is only possible with

phone models and plans and the data transfer speed will be slower than connecting with a WWAN car before using this method users should check with their cell phone provider to see what charges might apply if any while there are certainly less expensive ways to get wireless connectivity in many cases if you cover the territory offered by WWAN for those visiting living or working in remote or non wired areas the service is commonly available in regions where services like digital subscriber line DSL and cable might not be it can also be an international solution for global travelers offering one more option for staying connected

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