Virtual Bus Driver

virtual bus driver
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okay guys this video is about the the PCI Universal Serial bus driver not being able to install whether it be a dell and alienware lenovo and HP and acer you name it a lot of them your Windows 7 computers have had difficulties Ive had difficulties in the past where I just couldnt get the serial bus to install and I would sometimes just leave it like that basically what that is and
The Voltreport claim-of-value-1-1 Virtual Bus Driver
it shows you how naive I am basically the serial buses your your USB ports and this right this particular model is an alienware and I noticed I would put a you know memory stick in there and it wouldnt read at all sometimes it would read sometimes they wouldnt and it was extremely slow so basically the driver is to make it uh I guess the driver for the US would be to
The Voltreport claim-of-value-10 Virtual Bus Driver
make it a 3.0 and I had two or three computers that I just couldnt find the driver I would go to the like the Dell website I would go to you know go to Sonys website or whatever and I finally figured out its basically the Intels website that you need to go to as you can see here right here on this computer actually they finally figured out how to install it
The Voltreport claim-of-value-11 Virtual Bus Driver
on this le and where and youll see it on the thumb on the thumb tang but thats pretty much when you go to the device manager thats what it looks like it will have a yellow question mark on the Universal Serial bus what you do instead of just going to the Intel website and looking in there Im just going to leave a link in the description and its basically to lenovos
The Voltreport claim-of-value-12 Virtual Bus Driver
its Universal I mean it you know it doesnt have to be specific to an HP or or to a Sony or whatever if this is basically an Intel product so I will link you to lenovos website and as you can see here you know this will work for Windows 7 32 bit or 30 or or 64-bit and you basically just select download and that will fix your problem all right good luck
The Voltreport claim-of-value-13 Virtual Bus Driver
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