UTORRENT CONNECTING TO PEERS PROBLEM FIX 3.4.9 2017 How To Fix Utorrent Connecting To Peers Problem

utorrent stuck on connecting to peers
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how to fix utorrent connecting to peers problem so first of all make sure you run the program as admin and you do that by right-clicking on the program and clicking run as administrator next you want to click on the torrent that you want to fix and then click on trackers click on a DHT tracker right click on it and click on update tracker if that doesnt help then you can simply close utorrent and then you want to type the windows and a key to open the run interface and then type percentage sign AppData percentage sign like this you then want

to find the utorrent folder click on it and then you want to locate resume dot and resume dot dot dot old and delete and birth you can now minimize that dont close it and reopen utorrent you will then see that your torrent isnt there but dont worry it hasnt been deleted all you have to do is open the utorrent folder find the torrent that you started downloading so for me it was this one simply click on it and you will then see when you start to download it that it will resume at where it left off now if it still

doesnt start downloading then you can go to options and then preferences then click on connection and click this box here randomize parts each stat and basically this means if your router is blocking a specific part then it will get around that problem because it will choose a different part that your router isnt blocking now if you still cannot connect to your torrent then we need to check if this is a problem with your internet connection or your computer and we can do this by downloading a reliable torrent so simply click the link in the description to go to this website

and download one of these programs I suggest the first one this is a very reliable torrent this is the one I have here and as you can see it downloads very quick it has a lot of peers so if the problem is not your computer or int it will download now if it does start downloading then this means that your computer is fine and you just have to pick torrents that have a lot of seeds but if it doesnt download then it means its a problem with your computer and you need to sort out whatever is blocking it I suggest

making an exception in your firewall for utorrent to see if that is the problem and if it still persists then it may be a problem with your internet so perhaps looking into that maybe your internet is blocking torrents I dont know but it could be a problem with your internet or your firewall if this torrents doesnt download I hope this video helped be sure to leave a like and a nice friendly comment if it did it lets me know that I helped you guys out and that will be awesome so thank you for watching and Ill see you guys later

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