Top 5 games like AGAR.IO! NEW 2020!

games like agario
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so as you guys may know the popular game agario has been losing a lot of players recently and most people are just looking for something new so in todays video Im going to be showing you guys the top 5 games theyre like agario if youre looking for something new if youre kind of done with the old game and if you just you know want something new to play so yeah hope you guys enjoy the video if you do please make sure to drop a like and subscribe and I will see you guys at the end of the you have a great day peace coming in at number 5 we have germ stop io now this game has been out for about two years now and its a really fun game it has a good progression system where you can you know every time you level up your client poins you

log in with your discord and they also receive like special scans and stuff like that theres also many different types of game modes such as mega split oldest play all that stuff in the fun part of this game is that when you split it when it does it though by the time it takes you to emerge pack is actually really fast its not an instant much being obviously they get longer submerge but as you seen this video where I split and I want to merge it doesnt take that long and you know its really fun theres a really fun game you know the community isnt that big and thats why Im making it kind of low but there are some really nice people and if youre looking for something new to play I really recommend checking it out I said no now Im gonna let this game play for a second and

well be there well get in the next one soon coming in at the number four spot we have absorbed dot knee now keep in mind in the background this is not my gameplay but the reason I ranked this number four is because it has a large variety of game modes its really fun to play with friends now you can basically just like some other game that Ill mention later you can invite your friends you always know where they are also theres many different game modes like I guess will it BOTS you know instant all that type of stuff and the community is also really nice and thats pretty much why I ranked it pretty high you guys can enjoy the rest of this little clip and Ill see you guys for number three peace this is this yes but is theres another game like this which will rank higher but for now

this is dual guard come in to number three see you guys number two watch this quick put your hands you coming in at number two we have a stirred io now Ive been playing this ever since he came out you know a couple they got a year ago but this is literally the exact same game is dual gar thats one before except for theres more modes and more settings in more customizable options and you know community is really nice play with friends its really fun um I think of all my friends but you know yep its really fun game and Im gonna let you guys watch out this video this is really good its by tweaks but yep Ill see you guys when we get to the number one spot coming in at the number one spot this

is go to da yo now Ive made so many videos on this this is just the most fun AG are you like game I think its also the most popular and most youtubers and content creators play it its very fun theres not that much moments but the community is great its always just always hop on there for about 30 minutes a day just to have some fun pin yep its honestly just play it its super fun play with friends theres team scrimmage TV news mega split all that stuff so yep thats gonna be it for this video Im gonna let this play out if you guys are not already make sure you guys subscribe and hope you guys enjoyed the video please drop a like and turn on those post notifications now Ill see you guys in the next video have a great day guys peace

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