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Whats up guys? Lew here, back with another video. Today were looking at a toaster. I know, its crazy and unexpected… but this is not any toaster. What is so special about your toaster that you should be in front of the Unbox Therapy audience? They said to me: “Weve got a transparent toaster, my friend. Weve got a toaster where you can see the progress of your toasting in real time.” The thermal glass technology. You can see through it, and you can see the level of toast… Toastedness. Toast is an important part of peoples days, its in the morning to kick off your day with your toast… …and perfect toast-
The Voltreport clear-toaster-0 TOASTING WITH GLASS
God knows what it might do for your life. Automatic rise and fall, countdown timer, thermo glass technology, perfectly even toast. What does the back say… Oh my goodness, look at that… Intelligent glass panels, browning control, defrost and reheat functions, countdown timer, removable crumb tray, sound notifications and illuminated control buttons – You can even use it at night. Night toast might be better than day toast! Lets jump inside this box and toast some toast! This is a big boy, this is the toaster for tech heads everywhere. People who want more, who demand more. Thats not your grandpas toaster right there, its got like a little tint to it… Oh
The Voltreport clear-toaster-10 TOASTING WITH GLASS
ok, crumb tray… It looks like weve got ourselves a European appliance here, you know what that means… …time to pull out the trusty transformer. Oh… Its already… …calibrating itself or something here. Now you know, the real move here is you never take the end piece, you reach in and grab something, something fresh from the middle, protected by the other bread, its a technique thats been used for decades… Controls are over on this side right here, I dont know if you can pick those up, Jack… …defrost, theres a reheat button – you can put it back in here and like rejuvenate it… That seems strange, apparently, you can do
The Voltreport clear-toaster-11 TOASTING WITH GLASS
it. Then, of course, this button, probably the most important, is where you select the amount of toasting. I think Im gonna go for a medium, a four. Ive been told that there are other glass, transparent… transparent toasters on the planet… I like entering like that… Transparent… “Whats up guys, Lew here…” Anyway… But this one is different because its thermal glass, the glass is doing the toasting. Which gives you that crazy balance. Lets… I dont know… lets boot it up lets do it. Level 4, or 4 minutes, for something… In order to give accurate feedback on this toasting quality I will not be tainting my taste buds with any
The Voltreport clear-toaster-12 TOASTING WITH GLASS
kind of extra spread – there will be no butter, there will be no peanut butter, there will be no jam and most importantly there will be no cinnamon sugar and a little bit of cinnamon sugar… … a little bit of cinnamon sugar, on some freshly toasted bread… probablyll change your life. Oh were done. Now… thats a little lightly toasted for me. Super even, obviously, but were going to have to… were going to take another bath. Lets give it a three this time. I think this is gonna be perfect right now… No… I think thats flippin perfect… What do you think? Very hot. Its a hell of a toaster.
The Voltreport clear-toaster-13 TOASTING WITH GLASS
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