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what is the real story behind John and chain day ladies and gentlemen were getting into it in this video stay tuned hey everybody whats going on welcome back down the road blocks to do today we finally spun to the whole John Doe Jane Doe hole myths of stone around YouTube right now everyone thinks John Doe and Jane Doe going to hacky we finally solved the case here robots came out with a post explaining what actually is happening I explained it all in this video I read it for the first time with you guys hope you guys enjoy it if you do hit that like button down below besides that well see you guys in the video lets get to it okay so literally like five minutes ago roblox tweeted out this tweet Ill see if I put on the screen it basically says wow weve heard concerns about actually I can read it right here I know I see right now weve heard considered by the John Doe Jane del roblox account theyre completely safe learn more here so if any of you guys have been where ever one way with John Doe and Jane Doe roblox made like literally roblox right here you can see down below here made a whole store 12 just told the whole story of John Doe and Jane Doe so were going to were going to get to the bottom of right now were going to get the bottom of the myths lets go lets get right into it okay is my first Im reading at the same time I just saw and I was like you know what why not lets record him I refers reaction to lets see what what happens for many years theres been a lower circulating around John Doe Jane Doe within the community this year weve decided that
its time to shed some light about these accounts who are John Doe and Jane Doe both John Doe and Jane Doe accounts were created by David bouzouki and Eric Castle in the early days of the roblox for testing purposes so they are testing accounts these dummy accounts not belong to any one player and as such they were given the placeholder name John Doe and Jane Doe and then it shows here their user to their user 3 if you notice theyve gained so many followers right here because of the whole YouTube seriously going around and theyve just been gaining a ton and ton of ton of followers John Doe and Jane Doe are two robux earliest accounts are seen by their lower user IDs here 2 & 3 for all intents and purposes both accounts are owned and maintained by roblox they cannot be used in any way to access or ban other players as accounts and theyre positively harmless we promise that theyre friendly you may even see John or Jane Doe popping into a game sometime to say hello and wish everyone well clarifying John Doe / jane does friends followers and badges a few years ago we reserved that some players could add John Doe and Jane Doe to their friends and followers lists on roblox or were these test accounts with badges we have since disabled disability in the following weeks we will be clearing out both accounts from any friends or badges that were added involuntarily and John and Jane Doe will also be outfitted with the new set of roblox branded clothes look at that know theyre getting a look at what John Doe and Jane Doe the change in their outfits completely oh no well I mean its about its about time introducing the new John Doe and Jane Doe okay protecting your roblox
calvess so for those of you that want to be conscious and safe with John Doe and their conspiracy and everything thats happening lately protecting your o bucks chance the Rolex is also telling you this already just because so protecting roblox account authentic John Doe Jane Doe accounts pose no danger to your o box account still we always encourage players to proactively defend their account by setting up to you step verification or using a strong password that can be easily guessed learn more about – how to keep your robots gem safe are reading this blog post here we are dedicated to building a fun safe environment where kids of all ages can power their imagination on roblox we hope that this blog post helps to put an end to the misconceptions about John Doe and Jane Doe and that it alleviates any concerns or worries consider this myth busted boom myth busted oh my absolute Laura dude and roblox just laid it down they just absolutely did down this is John Doe and Jane Doe their robox accounts right here John Doe oh I just closed out of jane does and then Jane Doe right here we have Jane Doe now they have their new outfits as well thats kind of cool actually no friends as you can see lets go back to John Doe just to make sure I never actually looked John Doe no friends so they did erase all of their friends and lets see if they got theyre getting theyre working on their badges as well and theyre probably going to clear out their following but thats thats the conspiracy busted they literally just wiped john does friends and jane does added in their new clothes for them as well and they also are going to be wiping their following and their badges Im assuming theyre probably
gonna keep their followers just because why not its actually harmless for them to keep their followers besides that would see here it does tell you to use to stop verification so what is to stop verification at labs allows you to add an extra layer security to roblox account in addition to your username and password youll add your six digit security code that robot sends you via email when you log in from a new device so Julie have access to your email account only you will be able to get the security code it is at it is important you maintain ownership and enable security on your email accounts to suffocation 2-step verification is also referred to as 2sv for short or on other platforms that may be called two-factor authentication basically what this means is that with this authentication you are going to have to put in an input letting us input a code if you log in from a new account and thats going to verify that its you because youre going to be the one on that email address putting in the code sent your email address what should I do if Im not receiving to that verification email you can do this follow these steps here guys Ill link these in the description as well if you guys want to look at them by all means do this make sure your account is safe guys you want to make sure theyre safe 5 tips to keep your roblox accounts safe set up two step verification which we just went over beware of phishing messages and scam sites so dont be looking at fishy web sites like here this is basically going to claim your sis to claim your free robux emotes enter your login information dont do that I dont know unless is promoted by roblox just just
just dont do it heres an example of what it looks like there you go use a strong unique password dont share with anyone keep your account information private and log out after playing on public or shared devices that way you can always make sure your account is safe guys so that pretty much bust the hole John Doe and Jane Doe conspiracy Mis busted Wow I am absolutely shocked to end the John Doe and Jane Doe like series thats been going on YouTube both everyones channels Im sure theres going to be a lot of people still uploading John Doe videos trying to get like views basically saying John Doe still hacked me its actually impossible because roblox literally just came out and said that theyre just testing accounts they will not hack you at all ever so dont worry about that so if anyone uploads a video saying John Doe is going to hack me then dont worry about it hes not going to hack you or Jane Doe and as well as that new like Greg guy I dont know like why people are freaking out about Greg that was literally just May it up of because some people wanted to have another trend like John Doe enchained oh if you literally go to Gregg he is actually banned now anyways so just dont worry oh dont worry youre not going to get hacked by some guy named Greg he literally got bent so there you have it guys hopefully enjoyed the whole myth busting of John Doe and Jane Doe brought to you by roblox hopefully enjoyed it again if you did hit that like button down below if you guys want to see more daily content of roblox and hit that subscribe button as well and besides that guys well see you guys in the next video goodbye
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