THE COST OF AN UNINSURED PREGNANCY: See How Much Pregnancy and Delivery Cost Me With Real Numbers!

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re gonna talk about how much little brother cost us to get here hey youtube youtube welcome to becoming housewife on this channel we talk about budgeting and organization and have some cute videos of my little babies and i talking today about lets you think some big things see how youtube okay sorry i am coming to date to talk to you guys about how much it cost to have an uninsured pregnancy uh for me and my husband. The reason. Why we had an uninsured pregnancy is because i um.
I had my first baby in april. I have a son hes thirteen months. I had him in april of last year.
And i i was a teacher and after that year. I quit my job as a teacher and i was planning to stay at home to raise my one year old i to get him into our family. It actually took us a few years and i also took a minor procedure and some fertility medication.
And so we just thought that we had trouble getting pregnant. So. I didnt go back on birth control after we had him so we had her six week appointment and after you have a baby and then shortly thereafter.
I got pregnant with this little guy um. So what happened was when i got pregnant. I was still on my insurance with my school having quit my job so i quit my job.
I was still on their insurance through the summer because i was technically a teacher until august first and so i at that point i got pregnant while i was on a different insurance. We had planned on going to liberty help share for our insurance coverage and i they did not cover pre existing condition so pregnancy was actually considered a pre existing condition which i think is a little bit ridiculous. But it is and a lot of medical insurances and so our options were obamacare our options were cigna and when i priced everything out to have an uninsured pregnancy with them we would have had a very like we would have had to pay a ton of money if everything had gone um.
The way it should have gone and i we would have had a very high monthly fee it would have been around 1000 a month just to have our high our fee and then we would have also had like a high deductible and i so that would have been my insurance from september through until. I had him in february. So september october november december january february insurance fees not including our deductible and that was a lot of money and so i started researching the cost of an uninsured pregnancy.
A self pay as as a lot of people called. It so my ob who delivered my first son he i for all of my regular visits and for the delivery fee charged it would have been 7000. At that clinic i looked into a nurse midwife somebody that i know she lives in my neighborhood.
Shes amazing. Shes so great and im i went to her clinic and i priced it out and she charged 1500 for all of my ob visits and for my hospital fee my delivery fee so i decided to go that route and i also priced out all the hospitals and in this time too because with obamacare. Cigna i was looking around 7000.
For an out of pocket or out of pocket for just the months of having an and on top of that getting our medical bills for the baby so i i went with the nurse midwife. Which was a huge savings and then at her clinic. I didnt have to pay self pay for the ultrasound and that cost 500 so i paid at that part i had about 2000.

a 23 year old client who is receiving medicaid benefits is pregnant-0
a 23 year old client who is receiving medicaid benefits is pregnant-0

That i paid out of pocket and then i called around to all of the different hospitals in my area the. Hospitals i had some hospitals that were tried charging 5500. Im for a self pay plan and i that was the highest for self pay.
And i called around and then i found a hospital. One that was actually the closest to me a brand new hospital in our area. That has a like all of these great features and actually wanted to deliver there anyways and they had a plan called the stork plan that costs a total of three thousand dollars for a normal vaginal delivery.
This did not include um. What does that call me you want the shot in your back. So that it doesnt hurt as much you know what im talking about though right anyway.
It didnt include um. It didnt include that medication. But aving it covered two nights in the hospital.
It covered the pay for the. Nurses it covered my food it covered stay everything like that for. 3000 so at that.
Point i was paying 5000. Out of pocket as self pay now the scary part with self pay is that you dont know if it is going to be normal delivery or not it was pretty it was a pretty risky move for us because if something went wrong. Im we had a greater risk factor.
Knowing that we would have to pay for out of pocket. So it was really scary. But for me i couldnt it was so hard to think about the thousands of dollars that we would have had to pay to go on a different.
Where we pretty much i mean the coverage wasnt great either so i felt like we would have had to pay a lot of out of pocket. Even if we had had an emergency situation there too so at that point i had paid 5000. So everything was covered except for the epidural that is the word.
I was looking for so im the epidural i called for for the first hour of an epidural it cost 1000. And then every hour after that it was 350 dollars. So ive tried very very hard.
Shed not have an epidural um. I ended up though i just realized that i was so close to having him they didnt check me i was probably like within 30 minutes to having him. But they had i guess they did check me and like a half an hour before and i was like out of 4 and then my contractions were coming so strong that i was like man if i have to do this for the rest of the night.

a 23 year old client who is receiving medicaid benefits is pregnant-1
a 23 year old client who is receiving medicaid benefits is pregnant-1

I i need an epidural now anyway. I got an epidural and then i started pushing at 5 05. When i delivered at 5 09.
And my epidural had barely kicked in like i hadnt maybe had an epidural for 45 minutes. And i had him and id if i would have known i was so close i probably just pushed there and not had the epidural. But um and and i think if they would have checked me.
They probably wouldnt have let me have the epidural either so i did pay. 1000 for my epidural now i we had only budgeted the 5000. For him so we didnt have that extra thousand budgeted the 6000.
But i and we were able to make that up and it was it worked out okay for us sorry about the swing. Hes just a little fussy so im sorry it was annoying on. Camera but anyway so out of.
Pocket we paid 6000. For an uninsured pregnancy and delivery. He was insured so as soon as he was born he was on liberty health share.
So i everything for him was covered and and so the only thing that wasnt covered me. I was the one that wasnt covered and then he wasnt he wasnt covered until he was born. But the second he was born anything that happened with him.
And he would have been covered so that kind of lowered our risk factor. Knowing that um. He would be okay even if something bizarre happened with him.
And he needed some sort of medication or he needed you know any anything that might have happened he would have had full coverage with liberty helps share as soon as he was born so it was just me that wasnt covered in our delivery. And i opted to take my chances. And knowing that most deliveries are normal healthy everything like that and i went went to i did self pay just because i was saving more money.
I felt like with liberty health shirt. I was getting better coverage overall for my family. I then i would have been if i had put my entire family on cigna or obamacare and so i guess its called cobra sorry cobra or obamacare and so for me that is the route that we took so out of pocket including an.
Epidural we paid 6000. To get this little guy here and that is the cost of our uninsured pregnancy. I hope you all have a good day talk to you later bye.

a 23 year old client who is receiving medicaid benefits is pregnant-2
a 23 year old client who is receiving medicaid benefits is pregnant-2

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