Target Vlog!- Hoola hoops, Picture frames and Elmo?!

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all right you guys so I was just filming I was vlogging and um there was this lady but she probably thought it was crazy cuz Im talking to a camera of course but she was like this just like staring at me like this and Im like hi yeah so it was really awkward and yeah its really awkward filming in public but Im doing it for you guys because Im just that sweet okay anyways Im just walking around Target I just ditched Im off because I want to go look at the Valentines Day stuff how many of you guys said Valentines instead of Valentines when you were little I did so yeah this is my target if any of you guys want to know thats what my target looks like oh I should go show you guys where I get all my rim stuff because everybody always asks me where I get stuff in my room and its normally always target so lets go to the room stuff its right here okay heres the mirrors mirrors and lamps cuz mirrors and lamps are awesome oh theres me and theres me in full-length mirror another one another one and another one okay theres like all the room stuff pretty much youve got that over there theres like so much room stuff here you guys heres the cool stuff youve got be like I dont have any more cool stuff anymore we used to have so much cool stuff oh theres the flowers that I have in my room thats why I got them here at Target I feel like Im like doing a commercial here at Target I got my red stuff and its swell no Im kidding um yeah they do have really cute stuff okay and heres more oh thats pretty Oh heres where
The Voltreport picture-frames-target-0 Target Vlog!- Hoola hoops, Picture frames and Elmo?!
I got my piggy bank oh they have Valentines Day ones how cute $9.99 sorry I like all of a sudden like be really quiet sometimes people walk by me randomly and just like stare and Im like hi how are you today why are you staring at me we need to go to the Valentines Day stuff because I love Valentines Day I see it weve got kisses fund it my friend always used to get me these little tiny boxes of chocolate when we were a little oh and heres the workout section where I get all my workout stuff theres the DVDs and theres like other workout stuff theres like the yoga mats and whatnot and I dont know what that is what is that a folding mat thats cool and whatever that is and that and that and that oh its like a beginner kit how cool is that water bottles those are cute I like that no I like this one the most has polka dots weve got all the weights here oh heres my jump rope that I showed in my fitness video thats it thats the one same exact one its green so heres like the workout section its cool Im kind of like giving you guys a tour of my target okay so I want to go look at the books so thats where were gonna go right now if random people dont stare at me this is so awkward you guys have no idea Kristen books for Seventeen magazine theres, 17 magazine, 17 I just saw a pig look at that pig and a monkey string lights those are are those like the coolest things ever they are they are I always wanted some for my room but whatever those are cool I think those are outdoor one says so
The Voltreport picture-frames-target-1 Target Vlog!- Hoola hoops, Picture frames and Elmo?!
Id be kind of ready to put them in my room wouldnt it I heard that this is a pretty good book so Im thinking about getting that one oh those Justin Biebers book have em you guys read Justin Biebers book Im thinking about reading it but I dont know if its good or not so if you would have read it and you liked it then let me know but I know Im watching the movie Im for sure watching the movie never say never because I just want to watch it so all of the Justin Bieber haters please do not hate me I just want to see the movie cuz I think its pretty cool so but any of the Justin Bieber fans who are gonna watch it too were awesome were gonna go watch it oh theres Elmo Elmo is awesome not in a box not with Fox not in the house not with the mouse I would not eat them here there I would not eat them anywhere I would not eat green eggs and ham I do not like them sam-i-am I love this book its so cute oh my gosh I just looked over at this book and I weird literally freaked out look at that I just looked over and this guy was staring at me sorry Im like really hyper right now but yeah that totally scared me it was the hula-hoop champ Bethany is dude it lights up I didnt even notice that see I prefer I prefer the light up gosh why cant I do it I cant do this oh my gosh I cant believe I just did that right now I just hula hooped in public is it awful to say that I dont even Ive never seen like one episode of Glee before I
The Voltreport picture-frames-target-10 Target Vlog!- Hoola hoops, Picture frames and Elmo?!
know oh my gosh is it this what does it do huh spin to battle all hes doing is spinning around seriously should cool it man what about you what do you do you just been – okay there we go were getting the bullets here look it in youre sure not boys I like him better than those people that just spin around how did I make my way to the toy section Im crazy like that paper jams oh my gosh guys look at this picture frame tweet tweet youre sweet thats so cute it has little birds that totally makes me think of Twitter I really like this one too and honestly I dont really have like actual pictures I just have like a digital camera and I never really pimp them out I just put them online so I dont really need a picture frame but Im thinking about getting one of those Im seriously thinking about getting one of these picture frames should I Im not gonna get one today but let me know in the comment below dont forget to let me know okay let me know in a comment below if you think that actually get one of these picture frames I really want this one for my room I think it would go really pretty or this one the Twitter one so leave a comment and let me know if you think I should get one of those picture frames and which one you think I should get okay so that is the end of my little kind of running through target like a maniac vlog let me know if you guys would like to see more like follow me vlogs if you think theyre entertaining seeing my randomness um so yeah thank you guys for watching bye yes sir okay
The Voltreport picture-frames-target-11 Target Vlog!- Hoola hoops, Picture frames and Elmo?!
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