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off colors
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its okay to come out thank goodness I hope you werent followed you werent right you double-checked hi dont worry Im not a threat or anything its okay row tonight relax we brought them here theyre with us can we trust them sure I think so a wondrous vision has appeared before me the twins of rutile will bring one no two strangers to our current place of hiding we know Pat

Perez your prediction already happened they were being chased up on the surface by one of those terrible robonoids dont tell me you tried to fight those things no no of course not these two were about to be scanned when we pulled them under we were just in time the same thing hi Im Stephen Im a gym well half gym and this is Morris hes all human thats why we

look unusual of course you do you cant just walk around on the surface like that youre off-colored just like the rest of us what do you mean off-color you know wrong not right Florida wait I dont see anything wrong with you guys gems like us are indeed Padma Raja can only predict things that just here comes fluorite and a fusion like me is unforgivable when my our morganite found

out lets just say we were replaced but my stories nothing me fluoride how many gems are you now six maybe more if we meet the right Jen and then theres us you mean youre not a fusion weird just a rutile that came out wrong we survived because all the other rutiles ran away when we emerged we survived because they were afraid of us afraid of you so youve been

lives what happens if they find you will be shattered oh no this is our fault if it wasnt for us youd be fine we couldnt just leave you there we had to do something what are we gonna do everyone ID careful everyone were about to be found if you want more awesome stuff like this click the subscribe button will save the day and if you think we can believing

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