Step Response Using MATLAB

step response matlab
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in this video we will learn how to use the step response functionality in MATLAB to plot the step response of a transfer function we look at two particular examples here is the first one you have G 1 of s equal to s plus 1 divided by s cube plus s square plus 2 s plus 1 now you need to input this step function in a format that MATLAB understands and the way you do that is by writing down the vectors that

represent the numerator and denominator so do not numerator here has a 1 1 1 corresponds to this one corresponds to the constant term this one corresponds the coefficient of s similarly in the denominator this one corresponds to the constant term the 2 represents the coefficient of s term 1 corresponds to the coefficient s squared and 1 corresponds to the coefficient s cube lets go to MATLAB and we will define two variables like I did here num 1 equal to 1 1

10 1 equal to 1 1 2 1 and lets say sys 1 equal T of TF is a standard function for class of function generates the transfer function in the S domain the Laplace domain given numerator and a denominator there you have it now you can use the step function plot step response of the system we might use grid to look at the grid lets go back and look at this one here now in this transfer function G to in addition

to the earlier transfer function we have two terms in the denominator how do you handle that because the transfer function just handles one denominator so you need to convert this to a single denominator ie you need to multiply these two and fortunately for us there is a function called convolve CofE that multiplies two polynomials represented by a vector of their coefficients like so so lets go ahead and do that once do this once again go to matlab num2 is same same

denominator two is convolve first denominator and what was that one two now you can define the second system and let me do this I want to see both plots one one on top of the other on single plot so what Ill do is Ill hold this plot by right typing in hold on and then I will do plot go to the step response this second system and there you have it I can put in legend Titu thats the end of this video

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