Spey Casting With Jon – Switch Cast

the switch cast
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welcome to spay casting with John Im John Hayes low to the Ashland fly shop Im going to show you the switch cast the switch cast is a fundamental cast thats a great practice cast its a fundamental of the single spay and its a casts it really helps you refine your forward stroke and that switch cast it looks like this okay so its not a fishing cast I catch right back to where I started and one little thing about the switch cast is I dont switch directions my rods switches planes okay thats how I like to think about it it switches planes so my rod comes up on this plane and then comes across on this other plane okay so what Im going to do is Im going to lift slow like any spake ass start to lift Im going to lift slow to my rods fairly vertical Im going to lift slow and then dish

across and we call it the dish because my rods dip slightly and it comes back up theres a little dish right here okay so lift is followed by a shallow dish and at the completion of my dish when my rod tip comes back up thats when my line anchor so lift dish deliver and ideally I want that line to anchor right next to me lift dish deliver and why this is such an important cast because this is a fundamental to a single spay which is that a fishing cast okay and thats a thats a different lesson go watch that single span one but this this switch cast is a fundamental cast it allows you to work on your timing refine that forward stroke and oftentimes theres situations where you just got to kick your line back downstream well you just do the switch gasps when I get your line straight switch caster right back down

if you only practice on a pond you know youre not near a river you can switch casts all day in a pond or on a lake and get a lot of good reps in okay so Im going to lift slow and then my rod is going to come across on this dish and right about here is when my line releases from the water and just as my line releases from the water thats when my top hand does this right to there just whoop right into my key position okay right into my key position you dont have to make that sound when you do it I like to so lift dish deliver okay lift dish deliver and I notice how Im looking Im looking right next to me I want to see that anchor splashdown anchor being in this case my leader Ive got a scandi line on with just a 15-foot mono leader I want

to see that anchor splashdown right there and where my anchor splashes down is determined by how high I lift and the amount of speed I have coming across if I lift too high and I come back too hard anchors in a land way upstream thats bad news so you can fine-tune where that lands just by adjusting the height and then the amount of speed and it really requires no speed its just that little swivel move with my wrist that just kicks my D loop tight places my anchor and assume that my anchor touches down I deliver that thing forward so here we go again switch cast nice slow lift my little dish kicks it right where it needs to go and then I deliver okay theres my switch castle practice your switch cast get some reps in and then later you can turn that into a single space great fishing cast thanks for tuning in

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