Showcase: Georgia O’Keeffe – The mother of American modernism

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Artist george o.keefe was an instant success from the moment she debuted in 1916 1916 she was branded as a great female painter a label she rejected saying she simply one of the best painters period o.keefe was known for her larger than life flowers animal skulls and magnificent new mexico landscapes and now londons tate modern is offering the public.
A rare opportunity to view over a hundred of her paintings. This is the work of georgia okeeffe. Widely considered the doyen of american painters and the founding figure of modernism in the united states.
What she really did was take modernism out of the city as it had been associated with what is working in new york and she really took it out into the landscape into the countryside and found a new language for how can we portray the landscape around her in a new way paintings have cropped and abstract flowers of what georgia okeeffe is most famous for since her first gallery show in 1916 critics have hailed her work as an expression of womanhood and feminism something now considered a misconception. She disputed these these gendered interpretations throughout her life. So much so that in the 1970s when she was taken up again by another generation of feminist artists.
She refused to be seen in those terms.

who is known as the “mother of american modernism”?-0
who is known as the “mother of american modernism”?-0

Even then you know she wanted to be seen as an artist and not as a woman artist. However georgia okeeffe was succeeding at a time. When art was considered a mans world this painting here is called jimsonweed white flower number one in 2014.
It was sold for fourteen point four million dollars the highest price ever achieved by a female artist at auction. Not bad for a humble garden weed. But it wasnt just flowers that okeefe painted in the 1920s.
She was inspired by the arid landscapes of new mexico by the 1930s animal bones. Had replaced flowers as her favorite subject. She sought to capture the emotion of objects.
Through abstracting.

who is known as the “mother of american modernism”?-1
who is known as the “mother of american modernism”?-1

The natural world art is a language. Its like music. We should be able to use color and line and form and shapes to convey something of a meaning of emotion.
That is purely direct communication that if it moves you its because its beautiful not because it looks like something beautiful after seven decades of painting. Georgia o.keeffe.
Died in 1986. She produced one of the 20th centurys most important bodies of artwork and now more than 100 pieces are hanging on the walls. Here at londons tate.
Modern gallery for many its the first time theyve been shown outside the us sarah morris trt world london. .

who is known as the “mother of american modernism”?-2
who is known as the “mother of american modernism”?-2

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