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roblox chat
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Oh Oh Texas speech of artifact experience hey more like farter fact fart I hope this isnt like what I think it is Texas speech which Im assuming would be you type in something and you can make it talk back to you in like audio so if you say something bad okay warning the following game may contain content that some users may find disturbing or offensive please take onboard that no way though I condone the behaviors of that do yes sure though talking it kind of works help all right stop it didnt catch me saying ass I was hoping theyd be like hear me scream on my way down but it kind of says it get noob hello hello oh my god alright lets try this I am Albert close enough if someone talked to me like that in real life though Id probably call them an ambulance what what so it like kind of works but it doesnt really done son just dance pants I wonder I cant make it like make noises like it doesnt work when you spam do you want to have bedtime yeah yeah this is so cool I want him to like make it like really fluent thank you huh it works oh by the way look blurry background I got a new lens and things look a little more crisp a little better let me know what you think its like a baby learning its first words like a big baby though like a really tall baby that just kind of goes like I but I hate you you cant why is there like a good filter I mean I get why this a good filter because people would probably start saying bad words and you would hear it in your ears but I want to say oh I need to express myself Ill find a way jip jip jip you cant say JIP doesnt even mean anything like it died in a hole in a that doesnt work help help I cannot help you if I commute that works that works if you like you know its like you really uptight like very basic things are easy pronounce Im very fascinated by this whats this its taking us to like a just a dart crew cave I really want to see where this game Hey oh god wait whats happening were being crushed Oh God whoa oh its just a party room D teeth teeth you could say teeth perfectly all right lets try this out [Laughter] where you gonna like make it like really loud so its like screaming aggressively at people I want like a woman voice they all want to be like a hot babe here hit him with another one of those hey Im something to tell you its really important brother Im not done yet Im not done Im not done Im done all right well I was pretty cool um hopefully roblox doesnt take that down um varta fact you are more like farter fact Im hoping hes on like an alt account somebody gets banned its not really a big deal just how like whats his name but knew those when he made that like robot game where everyone can control one roblox player he was kind of like on all account so it didnt really matter if he got banned pitch changer oh my god yes this was created that long ago bro this hasnt been touched in a year all right voice okay here we go oh I can be a I could be a babe like oh my god this is mervich is high-pitched

yes yes Im powerful all right now Im gonna be a deep voice boy everyones gonna be really intimidated by me Hey ha ha I felt like the devil all right lets try this out okay I hate myself the devil comes up to youre like really sad like well you are you a babe I am the devil I will burn you in fire the child wait I want to try the woman voice though Im gonna a deep woman voice sounds so weird hi hello I am a hot girl now I am a woman boy Oh God I would be a high-pitched woman youre gonna like me whether you like me or not girl I sound like an animal crossing you play an animal crossing character doggy guy sound like that okay all right were gonna take me to the party whoo a kind of works Im trying to like mess with the system a little bit cuz I want to say Im gonna say the word kill but roll it wont allow me so Im not gonna try it anymore okay just like you shouldnt try it either cuz I dont want this game to get banned Im not practicing when Im preaching right now Im just having a good time that I have never seen I have never thought anything like this would be possible I want to come back I will I will donate you a roebucks how about that I feel like Im doing like a tempura Svidler Im a laying on Im gonna scream in his ear real quick Im telling you about my feelings robots could be going down like a pretty dangerous path right now because I just saw this on Twitter was posted like yesterday like some roblox update that happens but if itll probably wont actually come out for a long time and if it does come out probably only a few people will be able to use it for a while but whatever this means whatever that means well I tested this okay so basically so this dudes playing a show called the office on roblox and its like its like high quality its not like with all rubber blocks ofin I went into his game and uh he started watching my videos but was like very low quality and it was like one frame a second remember it like its like one frame a second but look how HD that is it is like audio – but its from a TV show so Im not gonna play cuz then theyre gonna take all my money and take that Mon YouTube channel for copyright bro what if what if roblox turns into like you could like the video chat cuz really if you get like HD video you could like just turn on your webcam like hey guys you know that game VR chat where you could like turn into like an anime babe and then jump off a cliff and die and like you know like in first person like that and I look around well what let me know if you want me to actually try like a VR roblox video a little of roblox really supports the VR and I dont know if itll look good but maybe I could do that what if roblox just goes down this path of turning into this where you can just turn into anything you want you could speak to people you could call them terrible names you could actually like film yourself I think thatd be very very dangerous and I welcome it I think thatd be really fun itd probably get

old after a while I heard some be careful if you go here cuz I heard some people were uh figuring out ways to say not nice Thank You City people which I dont think you should do that cuz then this stupid game will get shut down oh wait what is this it has like a different voice hey thank you shut up oh when you say shut up in the deep voice actually sounds like good sure dont know I am devil no I want to do this cuz if you put that in me I want to get in the game and I want someone to be spitting some beatbox for me the rest tools if I dont have that in 2020 roblox Im gonna be really mad and I want a whole video of like a crowd going insane over me I need this whole fabricated fake world to exist so I could be happy about myself because I have nothing Oh another thing that I think is dangerous from roblox is like why is this a sign-up screen not hot that girl not hot not hot well who would ever want to be this stupid blocky body I feel like the choices here are pretty limited I think this screen is way better than like a Lobel signup screen but like like why would I want to be like look how big it is oh you could actually change it all hey okay okay this is kind of cool this is not that bad they made like an HD version of the of the cool noob jacket they dont let you be skinny or anything I am a little mad that they took out bacon hair um the password to this account is complex 1 2 3 Wow I look just like him oh this update sucks you dont get any other things these two give you all the things they only get some my character is not hot Im gonna miss this because like if you get in like a meet City server like like one of those adopt and raise a baby games you can see how trash peoples characters are and I love it because like the the new default characters actually look kind of good like that face works its a good face like I look up I dont look like a complete noob right now like this is frustrating for me because look how trash these characters look like even if you go to my group you could probably find a lot of trash characters like that ima call this guy in particular see these like little cute noobs like Norris you got to work on this you dont look good but like Im really just gonna miss that classic just IIIi dont know anything about roblox I have nothing in life look like good on role boxes move or Ill roll boxes parts and not make everyone whos like new look terrible and ugly Oh like this guy oh wait whats this those who defy the God will regret they were ever born Im sorry for calling you ugly yeah let me know what you think of everything thats going on roblox right now the Texas speech I dont know I want if they update it start just like donating a ton of money to them only if they start updating again cuz I want to go back on there and I want it to be like better you know what I mean I want all the things to be pronounced better I want it to be on like Google Translate level of better like video

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