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talladega superspeedway celebrating 50 years and so is the motor-racing network and so is Richard Childress Racing our kim kuhn had a chance to talk with the founder of the organization and hes a NASCAR Hall of Famer in the fall of 1969 you competed in the inaugural event at what is now known as Talladega Superspeedway but it also marked your first premiere Series start what do you remember about that day and the race well leading up to the race we had ran a we had ran a grand American race here we ran it on the road course those are the cars that we had and back in the day bill France senior they would give us deal money to come and I think he sent us $500 or giving us 500 bucks or there then we ran that race that day and I might have won a thousand or something and so that evening after that race the guys boycotted the PDF which was a professional drivers Association and Richard Petty was the president and they had some of them talked to us about not running that race the next day and big bill Fran still dont want those old benches that was in the old garage area and he says boys Ill give you a little extra money and youll win the money I need you to stay here in race so we did and I left Talladega and my old 54 Ford truck dragging like a race car behind me and I ended up looking growing up rode looking at the money I had no checked I said man I never have to work again in my life and Here I am still working 50 years later well you guys at RCR celebrating 50 years alongside

Talladega how has the track changed from that very first inaugural race here in 1969 incredible the when we first came here the whole infield is nothing but red clay dirt and just some concrete stands in the front it might have been 30,000 maybe 40 I dont know it wasnt many and but it was packed that day and Bill French senior was going to put the rice on today it is so fan friendly this racetrack with a new garage and everything they put together theyve included them race when they built this new facility your grandson ty is honoring you this weekend with his scheme its gonna look just like your original 1969 number 13 whose idea was this and what do you think of the car and how it looks well it was a great surprise for me I think the car looks great it was a surprise to me I didnt really know about it until about a week ago and I just talked to Ty yesterday about it and it is its quite a tribute to the old man here yeah do you like it oh yeah car looks great and thanks to Bob Jermaine racing and Geico for letting top with this scheme own last week one of the most memorable races here at Talladega is when Dale senior won the 2000 race for you you know he parted the Seas and got out there it was one of the races where people really remarks like he can move the air he can see the air and youre driving that car to pace the field what is that gonna be like for you I you know just just getting it the other day and driving it around the race shop down the road to make sure

everything was working right in it you just had a feeling when you were in that car how Dale would lay over how wed be moving his head how everything and the reason I wanted to do at Grant Lynch you asked me about it I first said now a couple of times and then I thought itd be a great tribute to Dale Earnhardt and for the fans no better fans loved Eleanor more than the fans that come to Talladega he had won so much here and that day was just won him unbelievable wins we won the westin million I think it was the race he wanted in and it was just unbelievable time great interview there with kim and richard childress you can hear more of that coming up Tuesday night at 7 oclock Eastern Time on NASCAR live and you know that car he mentioned that ty Dillon is driving today the Geico Chevrolet ty told us yesterday during our coverage of the gander outdoors Truck Series playoff race that the reason its a green number 13 is back in the day RC was having a little trouble with some bad luck so he decided to throw everything he could at it to change it the number 13 a green race car which was considered bad luck it did it turned his luck around now hes got 50 years as one of NASCARs top team owners NASCAR live race day has been presented by Toyota for the latest Toyota racing information visit Toyota racing calm the patient parade laps continue on a very special parade lap is actually ongoing right now while the field is going to buy – it is the GM Goodwrench Chevrolet the actual car the late great Dale Earnhardt NASCAR Hall of Famer got

his last win here at the Talladega Superspeedway in in the year 2000 celebrating 50 years of racing for Richard Childress Racing RC himself Richard Childress is aboard driving that racecar and hes got her going around this racetrack at a pretty good clip right now hes looking really good out there hes got Johnny Morris who owns Bass Pro Shops sitting alongside they got two seats in that car and you got to believe that Johnnys just having the time of his life right now and to see a car that beautiful that won last in 2000 with the great Dale Earnhardt senior Ill tell you what it brings back memories of my mind to sitting there watching that car come across they wicker and bill on the top of the roof from the big table roof spoiler that to have that particular year that was the rules they had so its a moving tribute to Dale Earnhardt senior looks like hes getting ready to come down pit road now with one to go Alex signal is given one to go the lights on the pace car go out gives us an opportunity to go back downstairs to pit road get some final thoughts on what we may see strategy wise in todays race this report from pit road is presented by OReilly Auto Parts Hill challenge for the lead in three Dale Earnhardt goes powering high to the outside of Mike Skinner the fans just beside themselves here at Talladega jumping up and down yelling screaming off the corner they come two by two you cant tell them apart here they come into the tri-oval kenny wallace one final shot at dale earnhardt behind him the whole pack steaming for the finish line Dale Earnhardt wins it Earnhardt wins the Winston 500

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