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Welcome to my channel guys Maryam here, in todays video I am reviewing the new Make-up Forever Ultra HD Foundation palette. This is a brand new product that I just got in the mail, I showed it in my un-boxing on IG and a lot of you guys seem to be interested in it, I am interested in it as well, so today Im gonna review it, Im gonna give it my first impression, my verdict, team truth style and of course a wear test at the end. Now Im not just gonna be talking about this particular product, Im also going to be mentioning Make-up Forever Ultra HD Stick as well as well as their classics such as the ultra HD powder and their new concealers. If you are interested in all of that then make sure you are subscribed and that you are hitting that notification bell so that you can see all of my videos, leave me your comments and questions down below let your thoughts be heard, let your voice be heard, team truth I am here for you, let’s do this, Make-up Forever Ultra HD Foundation palette review and verdict. Diving right in to the wonderful world of Make-up Forever. So what this foundation palette is, is a 12 pen sample size of the Make-up Forever Ultra HD Stick Foundation, which is a great formula, I tried it before and I love it a lot, I dont love it as much as the Hourglass Vanish Stick, more on that later, but Im not going assume that this is the exact same formula, Im gonna treat it as a first impression, Im gonna apply it on my face as if I have never tried this product before. I gotta put it to the test and I gotta get my own team truth on it. I dont believe anyone I only believe myself. This palette is $110.00 kind of pricey and its got 2.5 g in each of the 12 pens, whereas the Ultra HD Stick Foundation is $43.00, and I believe its got about 12.5 g. The reason why they created this type of palette is because I think it would be perfect for a travelling make-up artist or a make-up enthusiast who needs all these colors, so you can basically mix your own shade or also sculpt, contour, highlight and do all of those things at once. The palette is really cute, its very small, very sturdy, its got a little bit of weight to it but not too heavy so its the perfect travel palette especially if you are in between shades or if you intend to go up and down in your skin tone. So for example if you like to self-tan or if you tan much darker in the summer time than your normal skin tone this would probably be a great option for you. So now the way that Make-up Forever Foundation shades work in both the foundation and the stick is simple, they have 2 undertones, R for red and Y for yellow so here its the same thing weve got an equal amount of yellow and red undertones represented here, as well as a white so that you can lighten your color. Obviously, I will be doing a wear test make sure you stick around until the end of the video for
The Voltreport foundation-palette-0 REVIEWING MAKEUP FOREVER ULTRA HD FOUNDATION PALETTE | Maryam Maquillage
the verdict and for the final reveal to see how this product looks on my face after a few hours of wear. Lets get to applying this Make-up Forever Ultra HD palette of foundations on my face. First and foremost, Im gonna use this StriVectin Anti-Wrinkle Line Blurfector Blurring Primer. This one is actually a really good one, I dont have wrinkles, but I do have pores and I do have uneven texture, especially when I break out so it helps smooth that. I think the wrinkle primers are even better, its smoothing minor skin texture problems like acne, like bumps so Im a fan of this one. Whew, Im a little flushed right now because I just came back from running outside with Lee, he thought that was a really great idea that was his way of spending quality time with me, not mine but you know its his birthday week so, its the only reason why I did that willingly. Here we have the 3 yellow shades, this is another yellow, this is another yellow and 2 more yellows, the rest are red shades, they have the Y 365 Dessert which is the one that I used for my Ultra HD Liquid foundation but I dont know somehow it seems rather than for my current complexion so Im gonna step it down a notch and Im gonna use this Y 225 Marble as my all over shade. Oh yeah this is light, this is muy, muy light okay lets go for the 365, definitely a little bit better but I feel like I might need to mix these 2 together. Lets go for the 315 sand, that ones too light as well, lets do some swatches, okay lets start with the white and then just go up the numbers to Y20 Alabaster and so on and so forth. So now that I have all of these swatched I think I am in fact a dessert Y365 shade but its not precise, so I will definitely have to mix it with the marble or maybe with a little bit of sand, I dont know this is fun and kind of confusing but Im gonna try it out. I also think that this deeper shade is just not as deep as a shade that deserves to be in this palette, I think we need something much deeper and darker than this in order to be able to mix a foundation shade thats truly for everyone. Unless this is like the medium to tan range, I wonder if they have the same palette for deeper skin tones, if not they definitely should. Gonna add a smidge of that lighter shade and yeah that actually does look like a much better match, so Im gonna be using these 2 together, Im gonna dot both of them all over my face with my finger, this is definitely different from the stick in the sense that Im not exactly sure what brush to use with it, but Im just gonna use my intuition. And then Im gonna add a few less dots of this one and then Im gonna use my Hourglass Foundation stick brush to basically blend this out. Now I mentioned earlier that I dont love this Make-up Forever Ultra HD stick foundation more than the Hourglass Vanish stick foundation and thats only because the
The Voltreport foundation-palette-1 REVIEWING MAKEUP FOREVER ULTRA HD FOUNDATION PALETTE | Maryam Maquillage
Vanish Stick Foundation looks a lot more natural on the skin. The Ultra HD by Make-up Forever probably looks better on camera because it is specifically made for HDTV however, in person I find that the stick foundation looks like make-up, so for me it wouldnt make sense to travel with this one and be fresh off the plane with a full face of make-up I would prefer the Hourglass type of finish. Well this is definitely blending out very easily, its actually kind of similar in texture to that Anastasia Beverley Hills Stick Foundation that I reviewed in my previous video, if you havent checked that out, ohh girl there was some Ts spilled in that video, so you gotta watch it after this one. You could also probably shear this foundation out by adding some type of a serum, perhaps a Farzale, perhaps a Glow Recipe or some type of mixing medium. It is highlighting couple of my dry spots here and there, which is annoying. You know what I actually think it applies rather nicely with just your fingers, so if you are someone who enjoys applying foundation with the fingers then you might probably find this very intuitive and very simple to use. But I am someone who likes to use brushes, so this is not my ideal method, definitely think this becomes a lot easier to do with the stick. Now the cool thing about this palette is that you could also contour and highlight aka sculpt your face with all of these different colors. I think for sculpting and for highlighting my high points Im gonna use this peachier shade on top. Im gonna apply that to all the areas that I want to highlight and bring out and also color correct like under my eye, like around my nose and my brows yeah. Lets contour, Im gonna use this shade here which is Y505 Cognac, I dont wanna go for a super deep contour I want it to still be on the warmer side, I want it to be believable, I dont want it to be too drastic so Im sticking to a color thats not too off from what I normally would contour with and its also going to serve as my bronzer. I am gonna mix it a bit with this cooler shade here because I wanna create a shadow under my lip and I also want to create that lovely ever so popular moustache contour, you know the one. Gonna contour along my jaw just to emphasize that bitch. And now its time for a thumb nail face. Use my same Hourglass brush to blend out the contour, basically just stippling it in and blending with the previous layer. You guys I usually never contour or bronze up this heavily Im doing this for the review so that we could really test out all the capabilities of this pallet but holy crap, I actually have somewhere to go after and I need to make this for good. Alright so now that I have blended out all the larger areas Im gonna use the smaller brush for the smaller areas and also my beauty blender. And then for the lighter areas Im gonna use my beauty blender. I gotta say Im not a huge fan of using a cream concealer under my eyes. I
The Voltreport foundation-palette-10 REVIEWING MAKEUP FOREVER ULTRA HD FOUNDATION PALETTE | Maryam Maquillage
always prefer a liquid concealer such as the Shape Tape but I will mention that Make-up Forever does have this new Ultra HD Concealer that I kinda wanna test out in this video, but I dont want to jeopardize the integrity of this review so Im gonna put this one aside even though I really dont want to. But definitely let me know if you wanna review this concealer in another video. The cool thing about the product is that it does in fact set kind of matte and dry, although it first goes on really creamy and it feels kinda greasy to the touch, it does seem to set and when I look at myself in the mirror, I actually look better in the mirror than I do in my monitor over here, so thats a really interesting feature. I do have my usual Laura Mercier and I also have the Make-up Forever Ultra HD as well as their original HD powder, these look the same, but they are actually very different. The Ultra HD is made in France and its a micro finishing loose powder, the HD is not Ultra and this one is made in Japan, so this one is a previous version of Ultra HD, I love them both, these setting powders are not for baking, no sir the flash back on this powder is some type of crazy. Instead what this is, is actually a smoothing and perfecting powder so the way that you apply it, is the following. Pick up a little bit of product on the brush, tap off the excess and then you actually beat this brush down, I like to hit it on the table top so that the powder gets inside the fibres and then you just smooth this over the areas that you want to smooth out. So, this is great for those of you who have wrinkles or who have little fine lines, its also great for those of you who have little micro, maybe not so micro acne breakouts, it really does help. Now Im gonna pick up my Laura Mercier, which is a setting powder in the traditional sense, this is what you use to fix your make-up and make it last longer. So, this is the powder that Im gonna use under my eyes and on top of the smoothing powder, aka the Ultra HD, that way we have the best of both worlds, we have the smoothing and we have the setting, and we are not going to be flashing back like a white walker. I am feeling very sculpted at the moment, a little bit more sculpted than I like, Im also not crazy about the way that my under eyes are looking, might have to fix that before I go out. This is the skin, here is what it looks like and now lets see how it wears and lets see how it looks altogether with the rest of my face. I went ahead and got myself to look a pinch cuter than before, the brows to mascara, some lips, some highlighter and I will zoom in and lets observe this face. Overall I think the foundation looks pretty darn flawless, it looks very professional, very ready to go, very sculpted, very chiselled and definitely very full coverage. Up close you can definitely still see
The Voltreport foundation-palette-11 REVIEWING MAKEUP FOREVER ULTRA HD FOUNDATION PALETTE | Maryam Maquillage
some imperfections, for example this area right here, where the foundation is clinging to my dry spot, also happening right here and right here so keep that in mind. Having said that also keep in mind that no one is going to be that close to your skin from a normal human distance in the mirror that I have in front of me, overall it looks really great. So, lets see how it wears and lets get to that verdict. Que in some working music here. Okay guys back in my filming room after a about 6 hours of eating, drinking, watching Game of Thrones and it is now 2:00 a.m. in the morning, Im super-duper tired but I had to wait until 2 because I wanted to give you a full 6 hour wear test. So this is what the skin looks like at this point, I actually think it looks pretty damn descent, it looks pretty good, I would even go a as far saying that I think it looks better than when I first applied it on, yes I know its not as fresh so there is definitely some oil slicks here and there but I feel like it look a little bit too dry and a little bit too unflattering in my imperfect areas, such as my breakout and my bumps and some acne scars here, it was just emphasizing them a little too much, so now that its had a chance to blend with my oils and melt a little, I feel like it looks a little bit more natural and Im not made at it. So I would say that the foundation pens in this palette are similar if not the same formula as this stick foundation, however, I do think that it is much easier to use the stick foundation and kinda just apply it on straight from the tube that way you get maximum pigment and its much easier to apply it exactly where you want it and then blend it out with a brush, if you are not a make-up artist but you still love this formula, I would suggest you go for the stick foundation and that would be your best bet. However, if you are someone who travels a lot, if you are a make-up professional or if you like contouring and sculpting and highlighting with cream products, then this palette is definitely for you. For me and for my preference I would probably only use this to kind of conceal and brighten and add bronzing and contouring and sculpting. So, I wouldnt necessarily use this as an all over foundation, although I get the point for a make-up artist I understand that its very flexible and you can create your own shade, Im just not that girl. So I would give this product and 8 out of 10, I think its cute, I even think the value is not bad, I just dont think that it is a product that is for the average, everyday make-up consumer, that is my opinion and that is what I am going to stick too, I hope you guys enjoyed this video, thank you so much for sticking until the end, I will see you in my next one, check out some of my other videos while you are here, I love you so much, muah!!
The Voltreport foundation-palette-12 REVIEWING MAKEUP FOREVER ULTRA HD FOUNDATION PALETTE | Maryam Maquillage
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