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welcome to reservation key this video will give you a brief overview of the four main sections of reservation key the first section that you view upon logging into your account is the reservation manager on this page all of your upcoming reservations are displayed using the color codes that you have set up in the system open boxes can be clicked on in order to make a new reservation or you can click a guest name in order to drill down and view the reservation details on the reservation details page you can easily view your guests contact information any credit cards that you have added to the reservation and the reservation history for that guest on this page it

is easy to change room rates add additional rooms at discounts added Adam for sale change the taxes and add payments you also can add expenses such as a commission owed for the reservation the next main tab is the website tab this is the tab you used to set up the public reservation pages which our guests use to make reservations through your website you can add as many reservation pages as you need with each reservation page you link different sections of the system to their reservation page to make a custom page fitting exactly your needs you can set up a theme which is the look and feel of your site or we can develop a custom theme

for you to closely match your existing website website messages or where you set up the sections of the site that appear on your reservation page you can add payment methods such as PayPal or an offline credit card a payment schedule which is what payments are due when email templates are the templates for emails that are sent out automatically email schedules is how you set up when those emails are set out discount codes you can offer discounts through your website custom fields if you need to add additional fields to the reservation form and items for sale is how you sell additional items on your reservation page the third is main section is the properties tab this is

the tab that you use to set up your properties or locations add rooms and units to those locations or even add fractions fractions is a unique feature to reservation key that allows you to divide a room into multiple pieces in which each section can be rinsed out individually rate plans are how you set the rates for your rooms each rate plan is linked to a room rate adjustments theres useful to make quick adjustments such as for a holiday taxes you can set up multiple to different tax structures and fees is for amounts that it should automatically be added to a reservation the fourth main section is the settings area this is where you set up your

basic account settings such as your business information user settings you can add additional users and set view and permissions for those additional users preferences allows you to change date time formats currency and some miscellaneous settings regarding the availability calendar reservation status is where you set up unique colors which appear on your availability calendar in order for you to more easily keep track of reservation status you can add as many status codes as you need lists allow you to add vendors expense categories and payment categories these are the section the lists that you select from when adding payments or expenses and thats the main features of reservation key thank you very much for trying out the service

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