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redditors who have tried LSD what was your most profound realization in college go to every class went from academic probation to deans list for the remainder of my degree seems like a simple thing but the authority behind the revelation is what mattered damn LSD had the opposite effect on me that memories are more deeply ingrained in our minds than we will ever understand the first time I did acid was with my older brothers we got caught in a beautiful wormhole of childhood memories that none of us had thought about or even recalled in years things just are that we are all connected together as humans in a communal system held together by the framework established by social expectation and a desire to achieve something greater basically we live in a society I thought about how silly it was that I live in a house and went to school and go to work just because people told me to I thought why dont I just go live in the woods that would be fun then the acid started to wear off and I was really hungry and had to order food which made me realize why I have to go to work I remember trying to count ducks in a pond when I couldnt figure the exact amount purple microdots and a pitch-black night my friend told me who the fuck cares oh my god it was the most amazing realization I ever had Ive applied the attitude who the fuck cares to everything ever since my dad committed a murder suicide when I was little in LST
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made me realize he was actually a human being with feelings and not some monster in my imagination it was the first time I realized I had a father it was a hard trip thats for sure I feel like it totally changed my relationship with food like I see it as fuel rather than sin and virtue now and that has stuck years later and Im down 30 pounds since then despite never dieting probably because everyone else I was dripping with went skinny dipping while I stayed in the van because I was too fat to climb the fence my senior year of college I was doing LSD fairly frequently my housemates decided to trip during the day while I decided to drink I took a nap in the afternoon woke up and decided Oh this is the perfect time to trip sack and so I did I peaked late that evening and spent about six hours on our swing on our back porch I brought my guitar with me to make music there was an empty hurricane for tea that someone had left on the side table I spent quite a long time watching a Hornet that had fallen and tried to fly out every unsuccessful attempt ended up with the Hornet falling back into the residual alcoholic liquid and slowly it became uncoordinated this is over several hours that I am just playing the soundtrack to this dying insect I dropped out of school weeks later other things influenced my decision to leave but that experience certainly had an impact I wouldnt trade that experience for anything that
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there isnt always a meaning and sometimes its just fun to experience every trip isnt some Vision Quest where you rediscover yourself and tap into vibrations of the universe or some such thing people never remember small good things at the end of a day people will be like man I had such a bad day not a single good thing happened but chances are a bunch of small good things happened like those little conversations you havent always end on sidewalks just the hey how are you good havent seen you in a while how are you cant complain the little conversations like that not a single part of that conversation was negative but you forget about it the second it ends small stuff like that gets forgotten that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration I watched free solo on acid a couple weeks ago the whole time I was so bummed out I was thinking damn what am I doing with my life look at what this guy did and then when I realized Alex Honnold was the only person to ever do anything remotely close to free soloing El Cap I was relieved and then I ate some hummus that I have hands yes this hands are weird AF dude sometimes I just look at them and realize how similar to a chumps hands or gorillas hands they really are then I realized that all humans are basically just really smart dumb Apes trying to do their best to make sense of the world that everything that could happen has already happened and that the
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passage of time is a man-made concept that allows us to process reality in a fashion that we can more easily comprehend I was obviously tripping balls that same night I dropped the cigarette in my lap and it took so long for me to pick it up with a chair caught on fire on a cosmic scale we are all insignificant but on a microscopic scale we are basically gods I became incredibly depressed when I had a vision of the solar system fast forward until all the planets got too close to the Sun in burned to dust no evidence we were ever here everything you me our ancestors and microbial precursor struggled so hard to achieve just gone nothing matters then a simple perspective shifted and I realized so in reality the only thing I truly have is right now and Im squandering it in sadness dont squander your now in sadness if you can avoid it allow yourself to feel and express and move on smile Madonna is mean I realized that every single one of us came from the same ancestor that were are all the same life form I also realized that all of my organs touch and it hurt a little how preposterous all our societal edifices are LSD deconstructs high-level concepts and behaviors into their constituent parts it allows you to observe common things without any of the usual pretense or context in all of their unadulterated absurdity as an example it might occur to you while tripping that a software engineer is someone whose purpose is to concoct special arrangements of silicon atoms
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that she has enough special pieces of paper to sleep in her preferred brick box hed helped me stop taking everything so seriously loudly jumping on a snow-covered trampoline at 1:00 a.m. in the middle of winter is a good way to piss off your neighbors and inform them you probably do drugs while tripping I once wrote down acid doesnt have any answers its just there to remind you that the world is beautiful now is that profound shit or hippie-dippie acid babble nonsense its all okay you may have made mistakes but those mistakes just become part of the tapestry of the past the moment the moment is everything in every moment you have choices every moment is a new opportunity to try a new choice a new way to be every moment you choose who you are now and you are not restricted by any of the cells you once were theres no need to hate your current self because of past selves learn if you must but theres no need to hate Im not sure if Im coming back from this one that I was not one person but in fact three smaller people stacked on top of each other in the long coat like you see in cartoons sometimes and that in order to get anything done all three of us would have to work together a near perfect harmony Vincente adult men is that you for more videos like this be sure to leave a like and subscribe dont forget to check out our other videos and thanks for watching also dont forget to subscribe to PewDiePie
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