Quiet or quite | Confusing English words

quite vs quiet
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hello everyone this is Andrew at Crown Academy of English today we are doing a vocabulary lesson and Im going to explain when to use the words quiet or quite so here are the two words and these two words have a similar spelling qu I see qu I see e very similar but they are pronounced differently so listen to the pronunciation quiet quiet so there are two syllables quiet now listen to the pronunciation of this word quite quite so you can hear that it is one syllable and the sound is slightly different so we have quiet and quite they also have very different meanings and uses so lets look at the differences quiet is an adjective so remember an adjective modifies a noun and quiet means making little noise so not making much noise and another meaning is with very little activity or excitement so the first meaning is in fact the opposite of noisy its the opposite of noisy example the baby is very quiet I think hes sleeping I think hes sleeping the baby is very quiet so this means that the baby is not making any noise or not making much noise example 2 the cinema is always quiet on Sundays so here we are in fact describing the level of activity of the cinema were not really describing the sound or the noise were describing the level of activity so this

means there is little activity and so that means that there are not many customers on Sundays okay example three Shh please be quiet during the exam please be quiet during the exam so here the lady is saying dont make any noise dont talk and this is the action or the gesture the physical gesture that we make when we are telling someone to be quiet we put our finger in front of our lips and we say Shh so that means that action means be quiet quite quite is an adverb so remember an adverb modifies a verb or an adjective or even another adverb and the meaning is well quite defines the degree of something and it means a little or a lot but not completely so its a little of something and some sometimes it can mean a lot of something but not everything not completely let me give you some examples Jane says Im feeling quite tired Im feeling quite tired so this means a little tired but not completely tired not very tired shes not exhausted but shes quite tired shes quite tired the English exam was quite difficult was quite difficult this means it was a little difficult but not very difficult so there was a slight degree of difficulty okay it wasnt easy it wasnt very difficult but it was quite difficult the third example mark says I will be there

Im walking quite quickly Im walking quite quickly this means Im walking quickly not very quickly but certainly not slowly okay lets look at the grammar of these three sentences so here quite is the adverb and here it is modifying an adjective and the adjective is tired here quite is obviously still an hour bird and it is describing the adjective difficult which is modifying the adjective difficult here this is slightly different quite is our adverb and this time it is modifying another adverb the other adverb is quickly so quickly is modifying the verb walking okay so thats the difference in grammar I am walking quite quickly lets look at an example sentence using both words so here is a restaurant here is the sentence using both words now listen carefully to the pronunciation the restaurant is quite quiet on Mondays the restaurant is quite quiet on Mondays can you hear the difference quite quiet and this means the restaurant doesnt have many customers on Mondays so we are describing the level of activity on Mondays but it is not completely empty so its quiet but its not completely empty okay so that is the end of the lesson would you like an online English lesson maybe you would like to practice your speaking or maybe you want to prepare for an important exam if so then click here on the screen for prices and more information

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