Psychology 101: Sexual Orientation

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And welcome to another lecture in introductory psychology. This one involves sexual orientation. Which is is quite a large topic.
These days. A lot of people are talking about for gay marriage. And that sort of thing.
So this is going to be a short or review on what we understand of the origins of sexual orientation. Now i do want to point out that sexual orientation is more than who a person wants to have sex with that tends to get kind of lost in the shuffle. I suspect coz people tend to think about what is most vivid and someone having sex is much more vivid for instance than someone simply being attracted or having a crush on or being in love with because all of those are included in sexual orientation.
It is not simply who one wishes to have sex with or does have sex with by the way both are valid. Virgins can have sexual orientations. Because they may be attracted to somebody even though theyre not theyre not acting on it and this is where it gets really kind of complicated because of course human beings being human beings.
We very rarely fall into nice discrete categories. And ill talk about more of that in a second when i introduce you to the nice discrete categories. We keep trying to put people into the first is heterosexual probably the largest.
Although it can be difficult to tell. Heterosexuals are those that are attracted either predominantly or entirely to the opposite sex depending on how you want to define it and quite frankly if you wanted to fine. It as they are only attracted to the opposite sex and have had no attraction of whatsoever to the same sex over the period of their adult lives.
Then this number is going to be a lot smaller than you think homosexuals on the other hand are attracted to the same sex physically romantically sexually you name it again usually we use predominantly because it is possible for someone to have had one or two opposite sex experience for instances and still be homosexual perhaps they were having sex with someone of the opposite sex to see if they liked it to see if it would work a lot of times gays and lesbians are told well how would you know if you didnt like sex with someone of the opposite sex. You havent tried it so they may try it or they may want to fit in by the way. There also seems to be an awful lot of heterosexuals.
Trying same sex sexual behavior in order to satisfy curiosity. See what its like whatever. The reason.
So people sort of crossed the border going both ways as it were speaking of bisexuals are attracted to members of both sexes. Now i would like to take a moment to dispel. Some rumors about bisexuals.
You dont have to be a perfect 50 50 split to be bisexual any more than you have to do absolutely everything with your left hand to be left handed. Or doing ambidextrous do everything equally well with both hands okay.

according to the janus report, what is the percentage of women who were predominantly homosexual?-0
according to the janus report, what is the percentage of women who were predominantly homosexual?-0

It is indeed possible for instance to be sexually attracted to both sexes. But only romantically attracted to one youre still bisexual you could be almost you know mostly attracted to one sex and only kind of attracted to the other you could still call yourself bisexual. Although some people call themselves.
According to whichever sex. They are mostly attracted this is why it gets complicated okay because when you start trying to figure out where to put the dividing line. Where are we gonna put the cut offs are we going to just let people call themselves whatever they want to for instance.
There are also a lot of men out there men in particular who call themselves straight. Even though they may be having sex with other men. But they say well im straight because im playing the male role and so therefore since im being the man in this particular encounter then im not gay and it gets very complicated it gets very complicated when were trying to put people into categories.
Theres actually a fourth category. That you probably havent heard of and i suspect its because quite simply people in this category. Dont tend to piss anyone else off asexuals are not attracted to anybody.
This is pretty much a permanent condition. This is not somebody who simply doesnt have a boyfriend or a girlfriend right now for instance. This isnt simply someone who is between relationships or who just been dumped and therefore is sort of saying that theyre not gonna be attracted to anyone ever.
This is someone who literally isnt attracted to anyone ever theyre not sexually attracted. Now they may have sex. They may masturbate or they may have sex with other individuals simply sort of to keep the relationship going and such but they have no real need or desire to have this and these are not necessarily people who are hormonal imbalanced either it simply seems that when were talking about sexual orientation.
We have people that run the entire gamut by the way whenever we start talking about these particular numbers individuals are always saying okay well how many people its usually phrased as how many people are not heterosexual heterosexuality is assumed to be the default. Although if you look at some cultures. It may not be quite.
So accurate there have been cultures for instance. Where its been expected for a young man to more or less be partnered by an older man and taught the ropes as it were before that younger man is then expected to marry a woman and then perhaps find other young men when he becomes older to all i mean it its complicated so its very difficult to come up with them. But the other reason.
Its difficult to come up with numbers is quite simple because even still in our culture. Particularly in certain parts of our country. Being homosexual is a very very bad thing it can lose you your job you can lose you your family your children can be taken away from you sometimes you can lose you your life and so people have a lot of incentive to lie and im sure they do so even in the best of times.
It can be difficult to determine just how many people fall in each of these categories. Now one of the first studies.

according to the janus report, what is the percentage of women who were predominantly homosexual?-1
according to the janus report, what is the percentage of women who were predominantly homosexual?-1

Looking into this was done by alfred kinsey. Who was a sex researcher in the late 40s early 50s. He came up with the number of people he he found to be non heterosexual to be roughly ten percent ten percent of the population.
This is the number that is still being used by the way by a lot of people. It was argued that some of kenzies methods may not have been particularly error free. And that perhaps his sample was not representative of the population as a whole.
But it is interesting how at least one more recent study has found similar numbers. There was a study published in 1993. Called the janus report that found that roughly 9 of males and 5 of females self identified as homosexual or lesbian gay or lesbian.
Thats smaller than kenzi mind you although when if you take those numbers and average them together. Were probably talking between 7 8. Percent of the population.
Which is pretty darn close. But the janis report also found something else very interesting that has also been found in other studies. They found that a lot of people did not identify as gay or lesbian or bisexual for that matter.
And yet had had same sex sexual experience since puberty. Were not going to count playing doctor. When you were 4.
They found in fact roughly 17 percent of females in 22. Percent of males. Had had some kind of same sex sexual experience since puberty.
But remember only 9 percent of males and 5 percent. So were talking about 12 to 13 percent of people identify as heterosexual and yet have had same sex sexual experience like i said. There is a lot of border crossing.
People do not want to stay very nicely in their neat. Little categories. The other interesting thing is that the more open the culture appears to be about homosexuality.
The fewer people seem to be put into that category. There was a study done in 2011 by a gay lesbian advocacy.

according to the janus report, what is the percentage of women who were predominantly homosexual?-2
according to the janus report, what is the percentage of women who were predominantly homosexual?-2

Group of some kind and they did a pretty good study and they found that only about. 17 percent of people identified as homosexual either gay or lesbian and about 18. Percent identified as bisexual.
So when you put that together thats three point five percent of the population. But they also found that a whole lot of people had had same sex sexual experience. But basically said that they were heterosexual its part of that whole problem.
I was talking about how do you want to measure this do you want to go by self identification. Then youre gonna run into peoples behaviors not matching up with their labels do you want to label people. According to their behaviors.
Then youre gonna piss people off because they might say well i may occasionally have sex with someone of the same sex. But im not bisexual. Im heterosexual or i may occasionally have sex with someone of the same of the opposite sex.
But im still gay or im still its complicated and people havent quite figured out a way to come up with a to figure out exactly at the percentages. What is very interesting that i read recently is when the general public is asked about the percentage of people in the population who are gay or lesbian. The numbers tend to be about 25 percent.
Which is much higher than any of these surveys have ever found so. The general public seems to be overestimating the number of gays and lesbians. And it does kind of make you wonder whether the current brouhaha about gay marriage.
Would be a lot quieter. If the public realized that theres not a lot of people that are going to be taking advantage of this because theres not really a huge number of people who are gay and lesbian and bisexuals may or may not marry someone of the same sex. They may marry some of the opposite sex.
You could still be bisexual and be in a relationship with someone to the opposite sex as long as youre still attracted look. But dont touch kind of things or maybe with open marriages look and touch. But thats a whole another kettle of fish that i dont want to get into the other thing that get that gets asked after how many people fall into these categories is why are some people gay.
Why are some people straight. Why are some people bisexual and the answer to that is were still not entirely sure. But we know what it isnt it appears to be something that occurs very very early in a persons life.
It isnt something that people just suddenly decide when they hit puberty. It may be something that they realized when they hit puberty.

according to the janus report, what is the percentage of women who were predominantly homosexual?-3
according to the janus report, what is the percentage of women who were predominantly homosexual?-3

But an awfully large number of gays and lesbians say that they always knew that they were attracted to someone of the same sex. They always had crushes on people at the same sex. But it didnt really become a big deal until puberty when the hormones kicked in and they really decided you know they knew what they wanted to do about it sort of thing.
But it does appear to be something perhaps biological going on now biological doesnt necessarily mean genetic. An environment doesnt necessarily mean the environment after birth for instance. Theres very little evidence for instance that having gay.
Parents means the children particularly adopted children will grow up to be gay. Okay or having a gay parent or having a gay teacher. There doesnt even seem to be very effective evidence that being sexually molested can cause someone to be gay.
Whether or not theyre sexually molested by some of the same or opposite sex that the the information is really kompany not to mention the fact that thats further complicated by the idea that sexual predators may be able for instance to spot boys who get crushes on boys or girls that get crushes on girls and decide to take advantage of that they picked the child because that its so difficult to tell okay. But it may indeed be something that goes on probably were talking development before birth sometime during prenatal development. There are some interesting findings mostly having to do with with male homosexuals for instance.
Theres a finding that if a woman is pregnant with a male embryo or fetus. And is under a whole lot of stress. Then that son is going to be slightly more likely to be homosexual than a child someone who isnt stressed.
Theres also evidence that the more older brothers that a man has the more likely he is to be homosexual. Why we dont know and it doesnt appear to be environment. Its its really complicated.
But the one thing that we know that it isnt is a conscious choice who you are attracted to who you want to have sex with is not a conscious choice. You can always consciously choose whether or not to act on those attractions and a lot of people who go into the various ex gay programs that by the way psychology washed its hands of a good forty years ago. But there are still these programs out there the vast majority of them tend to come out people tend to come out.
And its not that they are now all of a sudden straight. Its simply that they are no longer acting on their attractions. Thats not changing your sexual orientation.
Thats changing your behavior. There doesnt seem to be a really good way to change sexual orientation to change the underlying urges. They tried everything trust me everything from drugs to shock therapy.
You name. It it was tried to try to change gays and straights. And it simply didnt work so do remember that like i said.
Its not we dont know what it is were not sure exactly what causes it but whatever causes it almost certainly has some sort of biological cause or origin and it happens long before we ever have those first sexual urges and it is not something that we can choose or something that we can change. .

according to the janus report, what is the percentage of women who were predominantly homosexual?-4
according to the janus report, what is the percentage of women who were predominantly homosexual?-4

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