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it is the first word presented by dr. pepper we are alive from the star in Frisco and I think theyre having a party down the street in Arlington at ATTC the Cowboys take down the Dolphins 31-6 your final Nate Newton Brian brought us joining me in studio for immediate reaction guys after a slow start Nate do you feel better than you did it may be halftime wait as I talked all week miss means I believe this right here Cowboys had a better time they could clean the game up a little bit they didnt start out strong I would expect the more brightest from the defense and it took them a while I just believed it in ital of them went out but we need to clean up some things yeah I think that you always talked about halftime adjustments Cowboys were clearly the better team but then you look at what happened the Dolphins kept him in that you know had opportunities they were open three in the red zone they were oh and two and goal to go situations so yeah I mean the Dolphins bad team helped you out a little bit able to make some adjustments come out with a better plan second half with offense and defense I like the way the Cowboys ran the football today I felt like thats the most important thing for one statistic you dont see on the final stat screen is the Cowboys had over a hundred yards in penalties eight penalties and it seemed like guys they were penalties that were

taken away 70 yard plays 40 yard plays for the Cowboys we had a bad hold of one time with my man Connor Williams then we had another holding situation our offside actually just something will pop up every time with the Cowboys but the talent the wire receive Amari Cooper the running of Zeke a time to run to the Z Pollard doing what he had to do a great catching run one a great catching run by Randall Cobb that was called back from a holding room kind of weaves those plays right there when you play the better teams which it will be happening this week with with New Orleans you cannot have that in that terror dome down there yeah I felt like that they needed the cowboys needed to show really more balance in this game with only playing with four wide receivers you know if and how they were all gonna play us out we kind of thought okay maybe some more 12 personnel stuff but in really nice job again by Ezekiel eight Pollard boy Pollard showed some really nice toughness finishing out the game the way he did so those all things are bode well for but youre right about the penalties there were some untimely penalties that it cost them some some big chunk plays though office a little off kilter in that first half though and were able to kind of pick things up but it was defense I think the pass rush it didnt really pick up to the second half till they had the game kind of in control even when dak will buy in time he broke

out of the pocket behind time you see him throw that that cost it couldve been a costly interception but like say I dont believe the Dolphins from this start had the talent to stay with the cup well you know it we talked about Xavier Howard their best cornerback he had a terrible game if you look at what Amari Cooper Mori cooper knew who he was playing against in this football game and he went out and took it to him in this game and I think thats what those things you got to look at is if somebody could take a Pro Bowl player and put him on really your Pro Bowl player and you win that matchup thats good going forward right there he didnt beat a bad player he beat a very good player all right guys lets send it out to rob Phillips and Nick eight men live out at AT&T Stadium after the big Cowboys win guys thanks Lindsey Tony Pollard rookie running back just doing the interview getting some love on the jumbotron as the game ended first time in 21 years Nick the Cowboys have a pair of rushers go 100 yards in the game slow start in the first half Cowboys fans were Restless what was the Mos the difference you think in the second half I thought the receivers were just getting open I mean I didnt realize Michael gallis would be lunch in the first half I thought the offensive line was doing a good job they just couldnt really you know secondary but in that second half Tony Pollard part of that too I mean without Gallup

I think 16 touches in the game and he was effective okay this Dallas defense its not pretty in the first half Dolphins hit him for some big plays but you look at the box score at the end and I think Miami got under 100 yards in the second half theres three of 15 on third down a little bit better pressure I think in the second half two on defense Oh without a doubt I thought that they the secondary to actually did a nice job and got some coverage sacks there and then they they were there flying around the ball and they had some injuries to their the defensive line it was great to get Roberts went in there and see what he can do but I thought I thought that the defense of a nice job this was a good really good win it doesnt matter what it kind of looked like or whatever for 60 minutes can play the whole game and they held them the two field goals 31 6 they covered this crazy spread it everything you wanted them to do theres a good win yeah tanked Lawrence Robert Quinn Christian Covington active up front for a depleted defensive line youre right I think its to the point already style points have factor with this team they all right well I think in the fans I in the fans eyes but this was a good style win tank so I know wasnt 59 210 it wasnt 43 nothing Garretts not that not that kind of coach he hasnt been but they went out took care of business today against a team that

wasnt very good and then and they you know they put him away okay Cowboys green over the first time since 2008 I believed about to get tougher though about to get a tougher but for now thats the up center from the sidelines here at AT&T Stadium back Lindsey in the crew all that had a nice game like Nick and Ross said they finished out strong you have to is not about style points is about winning but I still like to see this deviance in line tighten up a little bit better be a better team you know because it when we play better teams our defensive line without the play better so our linebackers can be able to run up and down the field yeah I thought the secondary was challenged a little bit this in this game and I think thats something as you go forward youre saying okay theres going to be some better receivers out there that theyre gonna have to deal with so again its about pressure its about coverage anti Brown I thought played better as opposed to last week but man illuzzi I got attacked a little bit in this game so teams are gonna look at that film alright first time the Cowboys start three and OH since 2008 obviously big things happening out there at ATT Stadium were gonna take a really quick break here from the studio but dont worry well be back so you can hear from Jerry Jones Jason Garrett dak Prescott everyone else that youll want to hear about next up after this you you

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