Plan your HUT Team with HUTDB in NHL 20!

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how do you build your Hut team is it the best that money can buy do you only focus on cards that you get from packs do you go with the cheapest cards for the overall do you choose your favorite players no matter how you do it we have a resource a tool that you can use to plan your team I want to introduce to you all HUD DB for NHL 20 its a new NHL but the same Hut DB well not quite its actually a stripped down version of it as the old owner was unable to continue maintaining it I have to admit it was a pretty dark summer learning that HUD DB wasnt going to return so in this video Im gonna show you just how amazing it is and how happy we are that its signed a contract and its coming back for one more year doing it for the fans not retiring yet just like Joe Thornton so when you take off all of HUD DBs clothes you have the database you have the team builder thats all we care about let me show you exactly how it works first lets check out the player stats this is your database of all the cards in the game well not quite someone has to manually put the cards in it doesnt get automatically fed from EA servers so so information is missing but still a lot of juicy data right now its sorted by highest overall so you can see Gretzky let mu two best players in the game 91 overall and most of the best cards are either icon cards or master set players and you can sort this however you like if you want to just look at centers well you hit this
The Voltreport hutdb-0 Plan your HUT Team with HUTDB in NHL 20!
and its gonna list all the Centers for you if you want to look at centers and left wings thats not possible what right why yes it would be centers or left wings not centers that are also left wings see this database is smarter than I am if you want to look at all four words well you would choose Center left wing right wing and there you go now you have all the four words at your disposal lets say I want my four words to be six foot nine well thats not possible because we dont have forward six foot nine but maybe we want it to be at least maybe six foot three or taller so let me select all these why are there two six foot sixes I dont know its just a beta relax Im actually going and tell them that right here we got uh we got a wish its broken stuff right this is where I do broken stuff yeah all right now that Ive contributed to humanity I can die happily knowing that I left a lasting legacy yeah these are all the tall forwards that we have available maybe I want to see which of them have the X energy because thats the best player synergy in the game well its just a bunch of base gold cards with Alex Ovechkin being the best card out of them all and so on and so forth and then I can sort these guys by lets say face offs whos the best at taking face offs out of this bunch its Bewkes tad seventy-nine face offs nice there is this advanced search if you want to look at cards with specific stats which is pretty nice but maybe its just way too much however
The Voltreport hutdb-1 Plan your HUT Team with HUTDB in NHL 20!
if you want fast skaters or best shooters this is a good way of locating them the other piece to Hut DB is the team creator which looks like this down here you have the team synergies and the player synergies and you can begin adding players to your team so Im just gonna use my team as an example thats pretty cool I can make cars untradable so Im gonna type in my cars I got Tavares theres no mugshots yeah thats a little disappointing just because its gonna be kind of hard to tell whos who please dont be like EA ways to pay $4.99 per player just so that you can see their faces my innate that is not lyonie I have see they dont have all the cards yet so for my cover card line a but I guess this will have to do for now my Panera n– is untradable was that look like a they just had a little circle there cool doesnt make a huge difference to me I dont like that uh I cant just type as soon as I click on it theyre making me do this the long way over the hometown heroes here whoa thats a old evolution card if I just call this this is a bunch of black guys you see she understands shes played hot before in the end this is what my team looks like a bunch of cards without faces toward the bottom you can see what synergies that you activated I dont think I have to be else Energy activate but because Im Im using the base gold card I think thats why its activated but thread the needle definitely something I have unlocked shooting accuracy hell yeah you can see your progress toward any
The Voltreport hutdb-10 Plan your HUT Team with HUTDB in NHL 20!
of the team synergies looks like Im on my way to the sustained pressure synergy I mean if I add the coach in up here we can see how much points away I am from that your team averages section will show you what your team is good at here are all my skaters you can see theyre pretty stacked on skating with their average skating stat being eighty eight point five should expire low just because of my defenseman not being able to shoot and all that jazz so you can save your team just like I have here called it brine storms team minus the upgrades then the last section that I want to talk about is this player comparison section where you can choose between two players or two goalies and then look at their stats side by side so you dont have to keep flipping back and forth between the cards a lot of people have asked me whos better Lemieux or Gretzky the ninety one overall cards so lets use this player comparison and judge that right now Im gonna put in Mario were gonna put in Gertz key Curtis key and we can see right here all of their different stats Gretzkys got the better average overall but we wanted over a previous video stats like fighting and whatnot they dont matter Lemieux is taller by a lot four inches that makes a big difference just ask your wives girlfriends or random girls on the street but dont tell them that I suggested that looking at their stats well they got the same puck control stats Lemieux has a slightly more powerful shot Gretzky slightly faster whereas Lemieux just has better agility but the endurance definitely stands out ninety-six endurance was 82 that is a huge
The Voltreport hutdb-11 Plan your HUT Team with HUTDB in NHL 20!
your Lemieux is gonna tire out easier than Gretzky whereas Gretzky could probably just play the full 20 minute periods discipline not a big deal Gretzky is a better defender but not by a whole lot better stick checking better shot blocking Gretzkys a little bit more aggressive strength six boost so yeah based on this information oh and they also have the same face offs at 87 funny how thats Crosbys number mmm is that saying something I dont know but based on this Gretzky is the better player balem you certainly has the height advantage also something that a lot of people care about is righties first lefties do you support your own kind or do you go against that and that is what is currently available in the future youll be able to make your own account on this website and then when you save teams you can come back to the teams remove them make upgrades make changes but its extremely useful if you want to share your team if you want to research certain players and just kind of create those what-if scenarios planning your team out that is my video on hoodie be make sure to check them out and support them they will be your favorite resource for NHL 20 hockey ultimate team just give them some time to get set up this year and youll be using them pretty often thanks for checking out my video but I have a question for you guys before Hut DB how did you guys plan your team and dont say Hut head and or any of those other websites Im talking about when we were cavemen what did you do so before the next video lets talk about that and see how we almost went back to it
The Voltreport hutdb-12 Plan your HUT Team with HUTDB in NHL 20!
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