Pink on Ellen Interview & they perform “so What ” togeather

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Im so happy that oh yeah you could probably do it for a long long time youre a baby now yeah cuz youre in really good shape right now Im in fighting shape yeah but youre always in good shape and shes on tour right now so this is a big deal you have like four days off and you came here on one of your days and I appreciate it so very much dont try it dont try to act like you were watching me with those glasses on it I love it and I love you that youre happy and you and carry your back together so these observations I know Bonnie I knew that youd be back together well hes not your ex youre singing the wrong lyrics and yourself now but its funny now yeah this to sing that song because hes in the audience so when I sing hes a tool thats like now and now but youre still you
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youre still married you didnt you didnt sign papers so I didnt do the paperwork deal so you dont have to get remarried no but would you get remarried do you want to have a center of a party yeah so lets talk about Australia we were talking about Australia backstage you you play how many shows are you playing there 58 shows 56 56 shows in Australia for months are there that many people there every record that Australias ever had really yeah you should you should like saying that thats pretty impressive the other they get me do we have that footage of that yeah lets look at you here oh yeah thats me thats so hot I get so dizzy oh I bet I cant believe youre like yeah thats fun – thats pretty impressive and I dont listen and you dont lips I see it all you actually sing actually sing like this its coming back yeah singing this coming bad
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it back were looking forward to that you pay a lot of money and you want to hear somebodys sing even if they are making a mistake the people that lip-sync use their tongue more like in what way pink you know check it out the next time you see a lip syncher I never know like the tongue is just but I know that they over enunciate but Ive never noticed the tongue but we will pay attention all of us together you know we live together all all right so youre starting the u.s. tour in September here yes that right generally all right thats what do you mean finally Ive never toured here Ill open for JT uh-huh and Lenny and now and now its yours right and youre gonna be at the stables you know Im a frustrated singer and I thought we could sing a little so what together so let me give you some options of what kind of
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Ill put on the ground here okay oh wow alright what do you want a whole what do you want to play a cowbell do you want to play a cowboy Im gonna play drums alright okay okay hold on Im ready who are you tuning its gonna be too loud thats gonna be too loud Im gonna do a cowbell okay okay theres no such thing as too much outside version okay like slower not just yes I just lost my husband okay yes I just lost my husband I dont know where he Im not gonna pay I got a brand new attitude and Im gonna wear it tonight I wanna get in trouble I wanna start unfortunately unfortunately I wont be touring booth pink but were giving away a pair of tickets to every show on Pinks us tours to go to a website for a chance to win and everybody in the audience is getting a copy of pink CD funhouse
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