Paladins Noob Plays Ranked For The First Time

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hey guys its me the worst paladins player for the last decade and the process of me playing paladins has always been pretty simple you know why I launched the game my q4 onslaught I choose a champion that I feel comfortable with and but the boom but that means I win well not always I win unless I play one of these but there was always something that I avoided in paladins something that has always been there and they never even tried it im talking about ass actually no Im talking about ranked but seriously though stop commenting about ash its getting pretty annoying anyways they change the placement matches from 10 to 5 and I was like fuck it why not give this a shot besides I dont have any video ideas at the moment so get your body pillow get your krabby patty get your soda hat and sit back relax and you bastards can have a nice laugh at my skill assuming I wont play with my waifu some people say if you want to succeed in rank you gotta at least main two or three champions for each class however these are the same sick fucks who made every damn champion in the game so they are always prepared for anything but having two things can be a very necessary thing on ranked so lets see here I have McCullough on level 11 and an R online so thats not terrible our level 6 terminus thats bad level 3 barrack thats bad level 2 Fernando thats bad but I do play Khan from time to time and I honestly feel like Im playing a damaged champion instead of a tank so I might use him here lets not talk about supports because I am a terrible healer however there are a few flanks that I like to play and Im also capable of dealing a decent amount of damage ranked is like prom you never go alone to a prom thats why Im bringing someone with me to the rabbit hole I dont want you guys to think that Im being carried so there we go this guy is level 100 or something and hes gold so I should be fine and I am the last guy who picks I just hope

they dont force me to play tank they forced me to play tank Im so nervous holy shit theres so many people who should I shoot Thank You furia that was perfect and I got you fam your Oh what happened fucker this is not good theyre pushing the payload this fucking Xin thinks he can take me out all by himself and as you can see Im not even trying with this guy right now okay furia heal me please okay so the ass just altered and she doesnt want to leave the payload and oh look at that its their whole fucking team how am I still alive this shit is so intense and great now the ashes back and what my fuck you piece of shit oh we got it boys nothing to worry about oh my god you guys Im in love with this furia right now I want to put a ring on her finger this time theres no fucking around Im gonna get it and push it way too deep Im talking about the payload Oh what do we have here this is the bitch who pushed me off the fucking map fucking killer okay now this mount the bastards build a wall and thats how we capture the point voice come on die you are so low fucks sake why did Grover use his old ah crap yeah I shouldnt have overextended there Julia I need you off wall oh my god hes still here phew yeah I gotta start cleaning this mess over here oh nice come on give me the triple and what a fuckin pussy I swear gods and players use Q more than they use left click hey three kills everybody follow them at the time thats right team lets send these motherfuckers back from where they came from and who the hell is pushing the payload fucking piece of shit con they call me sniped Nara and get it cuz I never mind this ash doesnt wanna fucking die stop abusing the shield like that fucking shit looks like this is where I die um or not it doesnt matter anyways because Im in the middle of their entire team its not my job to push the payload like come on I need to get kills

no no give me back Fernando hes gonna kill him oh shit that guy is a fucking legend this fucking ash were so close come on somebody killer I cant stay here by myself at the dead fucking perfect well GG guys all of their fucking enemy team is at the point fuck my point Im gonna win this match yeah stupid she used your ultimate in the wrong place and thats how we win come on look at that its a Nara top plate when was the last time you saw in a Nara top plate 176 K damage as an honor what about fuck serious talk guys I think I should start playing tanks even more okay so this is the second match for my placements and my teammates wanted me to go Cassie instead of a damaged champion that Im familiar with also the last guy went sky instead of a second team and turns out his gold and we are playing against two diamonds so I yeah life is full of wonders hey hey someone is gonna come here and when they do Im a bush Im off the map a few moments later okay fuck this this is so boring holy shit fuck off auto aim bitch get behind the shield push him back to your team and thats how you become a meme shit shes alting you missed piece of shit Lia fucking auto-aim thats right Fernando come and chase me dont worry Im not gonna bite you but watch out Im gonna push you off the map revenge bitch come on fucking died the what the fuck I went behind him and still alive oh my god this furia is the best thing ever alright I gotta play this smart Leon and her stupid bodyguard I vote against me you idiot you shouldnt have wasted your grab and now youre gonna fall and theyre still coming for me and come on give me a fuck oh I got her I still got it never mind Oh Oh looks like my wife is home this shit is about to go crazy I remember when they made that one video where I prove to you guys that you dont need more than two brain cells to play some champions well some people said

to me in the comments its gonna be different in ranked because it doesnt work this thing we in casual then is hes just gonna stand there I think Im gonna flank over here oh hello Tyra do you mind if I shoot you a bit the trick about this retarded champion is that you need to burst him so fast before he uses bellow and you see its as simple as that dont worry this match is gonna be easy I dont even understand this game take a look at this for a minute when it came to kills we absolutely destroyed them we had more damage more healing but our tanks couldnt stop fucking around they were literally way too separated from each other and the rest of the team and for that we lost the fucking piece of shit game well it doesnt really matter I still want three matches if I make it for my rank might not be that bad Ive been waiting all week for this come on give me something good give me something that I want this shit what the fuck I dont even play Jonas looks like Ill be playing tank and yes that is the mixer skin thank you very much for noticing I know a lot of you say its ugly but this is the only skin I have for him so Im not in the position for complaining and honestly its not that bad mixer punch mix a rap mixer shout mixer – no no no no no we cant let them have this one come on guys I need to win this please thats a nice shield you have there Fernando and now you have to wait for the cooldown actually Im joking youll die come over here Fernand the world alright I guess that works as well nice try but thats not how you flank you dumbass why is he even spraying okay Im just gonna wait for him here and OH gotcha now Curnow no come on this is so bullshit this terminus is being stunned way too fucking much oh my god I feel so bad for him why is this town Steven spraying he isnt doing anything hey whats this guy doing here hey hey get the fuck out of here

this is not looking good get him get him fucking get him nice nice god damn it how many times do I have to kill this guy alright I need to stand here and guard the payload I cant let them push it even further no no get back get fucking back wheres my team why is this fucking fuck you towels Im gonna sneak from the sides now and no one is gonna expect my old like this is gonna go so perfect thats right get out of here and never come back what the fuck so this fucking idiot just dismounted my whole team and Vivian went alone and died and theyre capturing the point faster than the twelve-years-old jerking off to fortnight clips please for once work please just for once ah all right it appears that I hit an invisible wall there that I couldnt see but I still have my grab so I might just no never mind that shit as well and of course too fucking all same the same time and as you can see here I am grabbing an invisible die yes yes we got we fucking garlic I I mean yes I knew that were gonna get it from the start of the match like obviously not gonna lie come on baby show me my rank hmmm this is the longest black screen in the history of black screens all right here we go and fuck anyone who plays this game hey guys thanks for watching I just want to let you know that I am enjoying the game way more than I used to now and I gotta say I got so much satisfaction from playing ranked before that it felt like I was playing for nothing like it didnt matter if I win or lose I also suggest that you guys give ranked a try assuming you dont play it already I also highly recommend to queue with a friend or like a party because then it would be much easier you can join my discord server and see if theres anyone whos willing to play with you and finding a decent teammate can be very easy actually you can literally ask anyone except my furia because shes mine she will always be mine and yeah like I

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