OWNX | Watch Me Taking Delivery Of Gold & Silver Bullion from OwnX

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hey theres hunter Riley otter of Stax silver get gold this is one of the first videos Im making so obviously Im not the best at it yet but today I want to go over one of my favorite spots to buy gold and silver from online theyre called own X and own X is very unique and let they in that they let you buy a lot of gold and silver I ship it directly to your house if you want but what I do with own X is I set up their kind of automatic gold and silver investing program where every month I buy a certain amount of gold and silver from them and its automatically deposited into their private vault system in Delaware now one of the other perks of that is anytime you want you can log into your account and say yeah I want a little of this gold and that silver delivered to me at my house so a lot of you were asking if they could see how that works online so basically you go into your account you log in you say take delivery and you select the the exact pieces of gold and silver that you want then a few days later own X sends you a FedEx box directly from their vault in Delaware of the silver and gold you requested so Im gonna pull out a knife here and open this up and see see whats in it I think I remember what I was got set out another box is kind of like Christmas then we get the gold and silver gold and silver

lets see what we got here so the first delivery is a 1 ounce American Eagle a gold American Eagle so this coin right here is very cool its like the rolls-royce of gold coins theres actually theres an ounce of gold in this coin but the coin weighs a little more than an ounce because its about 91% gold and then eight eight or nine percent like a copper silver alloy to increase the durability to make it last longer so this gold right now this this one ounce American Eagle coin is gold straight and, 12 hundred and something an ounce add in the premium its probably about $1,300 right now lets see the next thing we got here the next thing this is a silver bar and this isnt just any silver bar its a its a its a big one I mean its its a Republic metals corporation and its actually a kilo a kilo of silver so a kilo of silver weighs about 30 to 32 ounces silver is trading at 17 something an ounce right now so out in the premium and this kilo of silver is worth about 600 bucks or something like that so thats what I got delivered today I got an ounce of gold and the American Eagle gold coin from owned ex and I got a kilo of silver which is an unusual bar its pretty cool if youd like a full to see the full review of own ex just go to WWE tag silver get gold comm /x o w NX alright this is hunter Riley I will see you when I see you

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