OLDEST Dim Sum House vs. LUXURY Dim Sum in Hong Kong | How to Eat Dim Sum in Hong Kong Guide!

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hey guys good morning I it may seem like its kind of dark Ill set it its only about 10 oclock in the morning its just Thunder storming right now of course Im in Hong Kong and it Winninger Hong Kong you got to have dim sum and I want to try a couple of different spectrums of dim sum because there is a lot so I want to try a place as thats really good but its very inexpensive dim sum and then I want to go to one of the fanciest dim sum places in this city so now this is either try to try to get there without lets go theres my eating partner Virginia again come on cool so this is a very inexpensive a good option for themselves and then when you come in you got a five for seating is they dont care where you stand behind us so its not like a line you just go and walk around and you you you gauge peoples so if youre Singapore you cant just leave a packet of tissues people will toss that or go use it in front of your face so weve got a couple of teas in front of us and we got our art cleaning brings out the debris awakened Latinos all that good stuff the only thing is you dont want this to overflow because when they take it away they will yell at you again because its goes everywhere what I like to do is I like to do the teacups first so youre gonna drink right here I saw youd have to do is you squash it around locals actually dont use their fingers they will go ahead and use the chopsticks like that and that is basically done in my book so the goal is dont get yelled at thats like thats like part of the fun of them some in Hong Kong its very fitting the first dim sum a time a meeting in Hong Kong as a child well it was like eating Mandy its like I was just stuck in the river my mouth so soft and sweet dollar goodbye oh that was some teeth now my Hong Kong dim sum experience officially began a lot of people dont like chicken beep I didnt either because that was gross cuz like you know chickens walking around theyre not wearing shoes or anything but uh I come around oh we gotta think these are boots and sitting on
The Voltreport hong-kong-time-to-est-0 OLDEST Dim Sum House vs. LUXURY Dim Sum  in Hong Kong | How to Eat Dim Sum in Hong Kong Guide!
the bottom all that juice is in there thats why I love gluten okay its like a little edible sponge now its substrate by FISH mom I like the texture better here because the tofu skin is a little more chewy and the ports giving us so much juice zipped out a little dumpling and some hot oil I love it girl I got to be constantly aware when youre here because youre eating but its also a battle like what the card show up you see something you like its like the real-life Hunger Games were all hungry and its not a game just go get your card Ive seen people break out and fight over the farm dumpling this is one of my favorite I love sticky rice you know why I love sticky rice cuz I love rice but sometimes hard to pick it up a chopstick this right up this is my favorite than some item bamboo skin wrapped around pork this is one of the greatest little dim sum dumplings you can ever have so good Shippingport little seaweed little bitch they make that so well here this traditional shoe mine yeah the shoe model you usually eat it with a yellow wrapper does read on the pork shrimp so it must get dim some item anywhere in the world a cow thats a nice young company the shrimp is really fresh I Robert doesnt even feed there my rubbers like Kim Kardashians clothes it really is just like you know it doesnt cover up much yeah really really thin melts away soon as putting about bottom a lake those Cheers this is really popular on phone they use the bar ring on John large Chumphon rice noodles this is of course not a classic dim sum item and this one is stuffed with chashu noodle the slippery or the better really well I love the texture no mochi is whats great look at the size of this bun this one looks like it went in the kitchen ate a bunch of other buns and came back out its about to give a fun baby this so adorable to hold it and cuddle with it lets eat it its got just everything her triumph lurid glow Peggy its up come bow not as free as I thought little salty little sweet eat this trick the cipa team theyll wrap up a pretty good dump some experience my tofu skin dumpling thing how is my favorite I got said real
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like the chicken feet here flavor spread nice and tender and I think the shrimp dumplings pretty good how about you river yeah oh yeah I forgot about that theres a good place so this is fairly inexpensive how whats our damage so far still about 50 $60 thats not bad is that consider relatively inexpensive when youre getting the food all the dishes alright so thank you so much for taking me on this really cool experience I mean this is like a really authentic place I felt like I was really in hong kong hey guys if you dont know Virginia has a really cool food tour she does around Hong Kong so if youre in the city let her know shell take you around and feed you stuff sorry that you cant join me for the luxury themselves but Ill see you guys over there okay on my way to the next fancy dim sum so I had to dress up a little bit all the way in TST gotta take a ferry alright guys we are at it gentle he I go here with you and youre gonna show me the ropes on like fancier dim sum yes you know yen Tajin Ive been here a few times their food is superb can well not to mention the really nice Harbor feel here this is two Michelin star restaurant correct this is a completely different experience because they serve caused by course yes so its very different its not likely at everything and then what everything at the same time they make it like western dining experience yeah and I didnt get yall night yet so thats good for chasing after a car but the first thing they serve is the tea which is so amazing because they actually have a tea small yet and he made this from tender old aged Tiguan ye with water from Tibet mountains and like charcoal from Japan and its just nice to see how he perform his art of making tea yeah Cheers do you taste victory yeah I mean Im trying to like become better at it but this I mean this is a really good team its just like wine you look at the color you smell it and then you taste it and then we have our first course first of all the delivery is pretty amazing its still in bamboo container now have three differences of dumping the first one the green one is a craft with a vegetable
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dumping and the media wine is a lobster one and the last year widest gap is the Perfector for dumping who eat the whole yeah English Aggie on the bottom I dont need coffee to wake up in the morning I knew like a dim sum like that oh I am so nationally I love the outside wrapper like we have a cushion dont think the wrapper is really going to be super bouncing light that definitely is so this is like a do some tasting of course tasting meal yes this Im really excited about I love anything thats scallop yeah yeah how the juicy piece I wasnt expecting that its delicate a little sweet from the scallops light truffle flavor I dont like when the truffle is kind of overwhelming yeah I dont like that as well this is common common so there is should be some stuff meat inside and outside super crunchy and its a little chewy like mochi I dont know about you but I just start from wow its really hard to pick but I want to end up with what Im anticipating the most which is this I knew its not even just GroupWise like scallops and shrimp in here as well yeah like a sieve it makes it look the worlds really smell the chili sauce is very was that your theory so far you seem to have a very like fantastical I love seeker and you can always tell whether the secret is fresh or not I think I got a little aftertaste or something that I really enjoyed that the fish aint popped my mouth a little afterwards but yeah youre absolutely right so incredibly fresh now only beans to this little fried dumpling use your hands as well thats how I love Mike okay thats right guys you could you can look all proper in whats yeah well exactly yeah transy like the barbaric said it must comes out I love the first up there are little bits of Chris penis up the outside of dumpling thing got a little sweet burst from the shrimp itself shoe bursts and one crunch well got your favorite little parrot coming out thats amazing its a mochi ball yeah and inside stuff with sea cucumber this is one of the best ways Ive ever used the secret member and its a little sweet little salty savory fresh I need to tell you this mmm-hmm this is not oily at all a lot of the dips
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in place when they meet conscience is really this one is like outside super crispy final dim sum this is spice and some vinegar Im careful for one of the neutral has to Coopers flavor is exciting a dumpling right now it is oozing juice from a give Eve with some creepy person curry and some mushroom inside who use the wacky beef from Australia Im gonna do something you wouldnt expect us at a dim sum the outside of the beef its a little crispy which is really amazing yeah I can smell its not like the good part of the ocean Jarett sure you can boil the ocean and theres a seafood smell I think theyre gonna add some crops oh yeah in this thing look at this roasted rice in the broth a huge piece of fresh oyster and just most beautifully colored shrimp I just want to give my seafood a little more whoa wheres Chris we even get soggy after five seconds in milk Ive been like filming it so the seam is sitting on mine yes just like a rice and its really crunchy yeah that is the real snap crackle pop right here – cheater hmm doesnt make any show theres definitely best about Hancock on so far I need to look away for a second so cool its so cool I know is this try ice but still something about like the whole of mango saga and a little pomelo my soul is satisfied like everything from Lantis Im seriously impressed no you got the sea cucumber on the land got a flag you there Super Ball everything is until a hits all your abundance like whatever you have a craving for this place hits it so thank you so much for taking here Im really glad that you love it I love it as well there you go guys so Wentz you are very traditional than some place in Hong Kong and then a very upscale version curing Yentl he in both places have such lovely features about them like you got the rustic traditional on one end and the beautiful just creative and fun on the other so thats really cool to explore both and I couldnt kind of been here without you so thank you for being my guy yeah well you guys definitely check out I call Instagram all the information is available for you Im at description box below thank you all so much for watching until we meet again real soon
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