OBS Studio – Adding Twitch Chat Overlay to Your Stream

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Whats up guys, its Pete here once again for the Gaming Careers YouTube channel. Today were going to be talking about how to add twitch chat, specifically a completely transparent version of your twitch chat into your stream. This is useful because it helps keep chat interaction going, people like seeing their names on the stream so theyll be more tempted to chat on your stream if they can see it actually in the video and know that their names going out to all of your viewers and its also useful for maybe some of the quieter times during your stream like queue times or loading screens its useful just to have something else there to keep people entertained and to keep the stream going. Now theres a few different ways of doing this and theres a lot of old information on the internet about how to do this because it didnt used to be so easy so you can see lots of popular guides on using IRC or removing the background color using a green screen and all these kind of things but its much much simpler now and there are still a few different software solutions but were going to be going with streamlabs since weve used that software for so many different videos that weve had here on the gaming careers YouTube channel, if you havent seen the other videos on streamlabs weve done stream labels so how you get things like donation amounts and also stream alerts how you get like the actual subscription alerts appearing on your screen so if you havent checked them out Ill put them in the top corner but for this one were going to be talking about their transparent twitch chat and how to add that to OBS. Finally if this is your first time at the Gaming Careers YouTube channel, were a YouTube channel specifically dedicated for you guys to be able to make a profession out of gaming be it through streaming or through YouTube or through any other means so if you are new here take a look around at some of the other videos weve got in the channel and consider subscribing but lets jump into the video! The first thing we need to do is to head over to streamlabs.com and youll be greeted with this welcome screen and we can just click login to get started. Next youll be asked to connect your streamlabs account with one of

their streaming services so were going to use twitch for this so just click connect with twitch. Now if this is the first time that youve used streamlabs youll have to login to your twitch account and authorize the streamlabs application to access some of the API functionality through twitch, but if you followed some of the videos before you will have already done this and you should get taken straight through to your dashboard. Next we need to look down on the left hand side under the widgets tab and find chatbox and select that. Now you should see a screen similar to this where you will get a preview of some twitch chat some just randomly generated twitch chat, as well as some of the options below. This preview here is going to aim to replicate the fonts and theme that you choose so you can get an idea as to what it would look like on your stream. Now the first option that youll be able to customize is the theme so if youre a bit of a coder you can dive right into the deep end with some custom CSS if youd like this way you can ensure that youll have a chat overlay thats completely unique to anyone else on Twitch. But if youre lazy like me you can see the kind folks at streamlabs have already made some of the themes for you so you can just browse through some of these options and see how they look in the preview and choose the one that suits your needs best. The next options allow you to choose between which badges you want to show in your stream so if you check or uncheck these you should see them appearing and not appearing in the preview window above. I recommend having them all enabled because these people have either supported you or supported twitch indirectly supporting you, so I recommend having these all checked but obviously its completely up to you how you want to customize the look of your twitch overlay. The next option is to enable some additional emotes, all the twitch emotes are already included so people can spam their Kappas and youll see them in your twitch chat but this is an option to enable some extensions, if you want to enable more emotes than just the twitch ones. The next option is for background color, now I imagine the majority of people are going

to want to have a transparent twitch chat so it can be overlaid of some sort of design on their stream setup, so if you that is the option then leave the background color at black which is all zeros but if you want to do something more creative and have a certain colored background then of course you can change that here. Text color, similar to background color, customize it if you would like to I think white and black is the most readable so Im going to leave mine at the default and with font size you might want to bump this up just a little bit from 22 but obviously you can come back to these settings and play around with them later so once we actually get a preview in OBS you can decide whether or not you want to change the font size and just come back and it will automatically update. The hide messages after option this allows you to set a timer for how long messages should appear, now for busy streamers that are getting lots and lots of chat interaction obviously after about 15 seconds theres probably enough chat going on that its its been bumped off the list anyway but if you are a smaller stream and not getting quite as much chat then you can set this option here for how long you want the message to be displayed for before it disappears. You can also choose to always show messages which can be a useful option if you want to always have some chat appearing on your stream but if its slow it does look a little bit stagnated so I think the hiding messages after around 15 seconds is actually a good choice. Next we get the option to hide some chatters so you can hide the common chat bots, this is a useful option if you dont want you know moobot or nightbot commands to be appearing on your stream chat obviously theyll still actually be in your twitch chat but this is just customizing what gets shown in the overlay. You can also choose to hide commands starting with an exclamation mark so if people are constantly asking your chat bot certain things like what your current rating is or what mouse you use and things like that and you dont want those clogging up your stream overlay then you can also hide those commands here. Finally you get the

option to mute certain chatters again this isnt going to mute them from your actual twitch chat, if you wanted to do that youd have to go into your twitch dashboard, but this allows you to mute certain chatters from your twitch chat overlay that youre going to be streaming with in OBS. Once youre happy with all your settings, click Save Settings and next we will scroll back up to the top and get the link for OBS. So up here at the top we have the widget URL just click to show the widget URL, select it all and copy it because we will be pasting that into OBS browser source. So in OBS were going to select the scene that we want our twitch chat overlay to be a part of, then go across the sources click the plus icon and select browser source. Now if browser source isnt an option for you and I get asked this about a hundred times in every OBS video that I do, that is just purely because you either downloaded OBS before it was included as part of the OBS studio package or you didnt select it during installation so all you need to do is re-download OBS, dont worry all your settings will prevail so you wont lose anything but in the installation make sure that you are selecting browser source as one of the plugins that you want to install it should already be selected but you might have just downloaded OBS before it was an included package. Back to OBS, so if you select browser source a new window will pop up, name it whatever you want to name it I always recommend naming it something so you know exactly what it is so Im going to call mine twitch chat and hit OK, and the new window that pops up you want to be pasting in that long URL from streamlabs into the URL box so just as a reminder go back to streamlabs, click to show the widget URL, copy the whole thing and paste it into the URL box here in OBS. For width, height, fps and CSS feel free to play around with these settings if you want to but honestly they are absolutely fine as they are, so you can just hit OK. Now what youll see is a red transparent box which is great, the reason its not showing anything is probably because theres not

chat going on in your channel right now so move this into the position where you think roughly you want the twitch overlay chat to be and then if we open up our twitch channel in our browser so for me Im going to go to my channel on Twitch. Now if we type in a chat message into our twitch channel chat, you should see it appearing into OBS as an overlay so feel free now to play around with the exact positioning where you want it, how big you want it, if you want to scale it big you can drag this bottom corner if you actually just want the font to be bigger Id recommend going back into streamlabs and changing the font size but really now is your time to play around make sure that youre putting it exactly where you want it to be and it is appearing how you want it to appear. So spend some time typing into your twitch chat lots of different messages to make sure that youre covering all the different scenarios so people typing long messages, people typing emotes like kappa, and all those kind of things just make sure that your stream set up is going to be completely ready for the next time you go live and people are going to be amazed by your new twitch chat overlay. The final thing to mention guys is that you dont need to have the stream labs website open for any of this to run now, you can close that down and your twitch chat will forever be linked to this source that youve added to OBS so you can completely close down the website if you want to and you dont need to do anything at the start of your stream other than just making sure that exactly your sources are in the right order and everything was as you last left it. I hope you found this video helpful if you have got to this point in the video please do give it a thumbs up to show your support and if you are new here to the Gaming Careers YouTube channel please do have a look around at all of our other videos weve basically building up a big catalogue of videos helping you make the most out of your gaming live streams and gaming YouTube channels so do consider subscribing and subscribers Ill see you in the next video. Peace!

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