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here we have a nondescript modded unit you think although the skeletons no this is probably among the more unique modern units youve ever seen in this game love about a totally accurate battle simulator my name is crow and today we have a continuation of probably the best mod and we have available to us right now this is the Stalingrad – mod what I would call the spiritual successor to the omegamon fit with Saitama a whole bunch of Units but today we show you some of the crazy amazing updates including what looks like probably the nicest looking Jedi that we have seen in totally accurate battle simulator we have on this side the Sith check out the lightsaber the outfit definitely give me an obi-wan Kenobi kind of vibe and over here is the Jedi now if only if only we could have a different coloured lightsaber depending on the side of the field so any Jedi spawn on this side would be a red sword and any Jedi spawned on a blue side would be a blue sword hopefully they can implement something like that but for the time being were gonna watch our samurai and buy samurai I mean Joe and I fight in three two one go in they go the Jedi going in for the big swing and they deflect off of each other as they fight to the death here on this high up mountaintop and theyre going blow for blow deflection for deflection until the Jedi strikes down the Sith evildoer and dont worry I wasnt going to rob you of a beautiful multi Jedi versus multi Jedi fight there you go that is so cool now if they could somehow add amazing lightsaber sound effects it would take this mod to the next level multiple colored blades lightsaber sound effects and you have one hell of them on Jedi are cool but theyre not the only update to this mob were gonna take a look at the Russian faction we have the Communists in the front weve got some Grenada euros using vests thats a very very cool youve got these machine gun units using these really cool machine gun models and then in the back way back here because theyre very deadly we have flamethrower units using very flames or models and the fight then we have our boy Larry

and his legion of armies King Larry is gonna try and take on the Russians and its probably gonna end poorly in three two one go in it go the Russians shooting through oh those were Molotov cocktails I thought they were grenades Im wrong their malt of cocktails the bullets are bouncing off of the shields but working their way through the armies Larry is alive in the back no Larrys been shot no Larrys going down our army is no match for any of these years and here come the flamethrowers causing death destruction and mayhem to any unit who would still be alive that is the Russian faction theyre pretty good but theyre not the only military faction in this mod this is the modern faction with all with a really cool modern weapons youve got these pistol use here youve got shotguns dual wielding shotguns because that makes total sense I love their body armor looks phenomenal then you have the original m-16 machine gun type unit behind them you have real bazooka units with real bazooka morals I shoot real bazooka bombs missiles how we refer to them and then in the back a unit called a juggernaut well see what they do and to fight them a whole bunch of buzzer course in the Viking fashion here we go sending in the berserkers who leap in and I didnt even get to see the explosion from the bazookas check out the bazooka bombs those are fantastic looking and those created that massive explosion but the berserkers are in and now you see the pursuit cos sending units flying dude this mod is phenomenal the Stalingrad 2 mod is the best mod right now in terms of the sheer amount of amazing funny goofy units engine children odds are 360 spinning machine gunners of the death what are you kidding me right now and there seems to be I dont know what youre in still alive is there a Berserker or two stuck in this pile here let me get it out let me possess this deserter and try and leap yes leave Leave get in there and its a juggernaut or goofy and insane before I move on and show you some of the really cool new units I want to remind you that this mod is the home of the current iteration of one punch

man as he goes in and just wrecks every single one of his hobbits wait for that punch to come there it goes hahaha thats going in every directions if you want your one punch man hes in the stalingrad too bud did the dart peasant get a buff and a remodel I dont work all him looking like this yo what happened what happened to his eyes well please tell me he does more than just tentacles tentacles are going in and theyre not killing us so and whats happening right now I dont know what just happened do the dark peasants tentacles no longer skewer their opponents but simply deal rapid-fire damages find out slow-mo so as you can see hes stabbing each of the units maximum slow-mo hes having each of the units but theyre not being skewered theyre simply dealing damage this allows him to use the tentacles continuously even though theyve already stabbed so on and on and on stab stab stab the tentacles go and the dark peasants actually killing units slower than before its really cool and creepy to watch its actually kind of terrifying to watch how I was like I dont get too close its so loud but its creepy and cool it doesnt do as much damage as I expected how much damage to those tentacles deal to an ice giant multiple stabs oh I stand corrected that did a lot more damage I expected I just got a bunch of HP watch my HP in the bottom of the screen has a dark past comes up oh God as I was perusing the mod I noticed that oh hold on theres something wrong with Apollo Apollo has a tiny head let me reset Apollo as I was saying it looked like the gods had been updated Ares seems to have some different armor and his weapons look phenomenal and Apollos looking amazing right now this glowing bow lets see if theyve been buf in terms of damage as we fight another modern unit this Spartan captains in three two one go Spartan captains going in Apollo taking his shots throwing spears Apollo is dodging the ranged attacks taking shots at the Spartan captains while Ares God of War who has been skewered multiple times is doing flips and is dead the Spartan captains have killed Ares and Apollo is dodging every

taking shots at the Spartan captains killing them one by one by one that is very cool the student is very good and very probable now his arrows do a lot of damage so Apollo isnt very good against the larger armies but Apollo was really good at is killing things like ice tries for example lets toss in a couple of ice giants one shot from Apollo two shots of Apollo three shots from Apollo four shots from Apollo five okay these not doing nearly as much damage as I thought I thought Apollo was like one shot an ice giant Im honestly a little disappointed that he doesnt this is a little bit shocking here we have a nondescript modded unit you think although the skeletons no this is probably among the more unique modded units youve ever seen in this game these are shapeshifters what they do is they will turn randomly into any unit in the game randomly lets watch rapid first time these guys go at it they come a other and they spawn in two weve got a pistol wielder from the pirate faction and we have isnt that Alexander the Great from the modded units now its Alexander versus the pistols and Alexander one shots the pistol if these exact same units fight again this time we get Zeus on the red side versus a Highlander which is a model unit on the blue side and Zeus is gonna make short work of the Highlander cuz ya know the Highlander just ABS use the death are you kidding me and to show you that Im not trying to rig this heres a whole bunch of shapeshifters and as youre about to see may turn into literally anything and everything including this giant broadsword dude one of my favorites also Alexander the Great has some cream the eyes like are you kidding me right now really really fun unit very cool unit with a really unique ability something weve never seen in this game before and now for your viewing pleasure a very silly fight of a whole boatload of horse all that is so cool that is so crazy cool its raining lightning and none of these Thors are dying how much HP do they have yo this is crazy this is so cool I love this mod I love this game I love his mod

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