Nick Cannon on Models Being Brokered Off to Old Rich White Men (Part 6)

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Ive always heard you know you correct me if Im wrong but Ive always heard that Hugh Hefner was always making his real money through pimping thats what I heard this okay we even gonna go to Hefner pimping lets go was going on today with all of these models its whether theres instagram social media but high-fashion models and you got a look at the height again these women are selling sex theres no other way to explain thats why I give the same respect that I that to a Victorias Secret model that I would give to a woman thats hustling in a strip club because theyre doing the exact same thing its just that white America appreciates the Victorias Secret catalog in our underwear why does that make her better than Lakeisha down in Magic City right there both of the other ones doing the same shit and Lakeisha coder to me Ill give her my money but just because this the elite have chosen these twenty women to be the Angels yeah now they walking around in a fucking drawers twisting and turning like in half of them are anorexic

half of them are sick because theyre trying to reach a status quo that some twisted white man wants them to look like a, 13 year old little girl right well they also want to be human hangers right right that now I see that I think thats bullshit to know because I get we only can make this in one size it looks better smaller thats some bullshit thats why because they want them to look like little girls they want them to look really thin and really fresh and young because weight makes someone look like theyre older theyre theyre scared of it they want bits this is fucked up Barbie mentality that its a little girl its it this is thinner its perfect perky breasts and all of that shit now give me some big double D so hes a woman shit if that Im gonna sell you what I like you know what Im saying but its that idea that and people dont look into it all it is fashion my every magazine you turn on they sell insects yeah and so what makes that well and then thats the

surface and so when you train this little girl from the time that shes 13 youre trying to get her an agent you trying to shes on her own her mom and dad are at home you gotta fly into Milan you gotta go in here theyre meeting when they get to these places they meet these rich billionaires daily Im there in these parties prancing around drinks alcohol drugs in all of those old dirty nasty men are there trying to see what model they gonna fuck on Wow and whoevers brokering that I dont know maybe the woman is talking but why else why else would a 55 or 60 year old man be in a party with a bunch of twenty-year-old models hes trying to fuck he got a family at home and hes hes at a fashion show or a late night model party because hes trying to fuck on something and these models whove been trained in their mind especially you bringing them from foreign countries they aint have shit when they was in Brazil they have shit when they was in Germany now they being shown champagne diamonds

and all of this shit this man is worth two billion dollars and he got a yacht but fuck youve been going on on them yachts baby playing Monopoly they fucking on them yachts like like when you see models on yachts you just see in the daytime activities at night they fucking and so so what whether there was an exchange of actual money or not I dont know one model and I know a lot of models thats gonna go on a yacht with some hairy grimy 60 year old man its been a whole weekend and look at you your job reading bible scriptures ladies and none of the pictures on Instagram Holly fuckin trip to Dubai who flew you to the buy I feel love you keep the Turks and Caicos let me say you meet me and Scarface were on the phone the other day we were talking about this he said let me tell you something flat when a man and a woman is in the room the devils in the middle okay hey thats thats preach pastor thats real and as I am we also come to

it and its like thats what its its sad man and thats why even you know I feel like its a paradigm shift you know what I mean were weve been in the Age of Pisces for so long and theres so many but were were were in a lifetime where we get to experience a shift in an age were going into the Age of Aquarius and everybody its an entire shift where all the lesser than czar the people who are perceived as less advanced are gonna supposed to take power in and because the last 2,000 years weve been repressed whether thats black people whether its Jewish people who if you believe those to be the same people or women you dont mean like there was a time on this planet where women were gods where women were exalted were women like to me they are God theyre the only ones that bring that birth you know to me but because that power had to be repressed during the last age going into this next age shake my faith the fan its about to get real different yeah Im here for ya

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