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hi Rowan here from am+ today I want to tell you about how developing an amp Plus Android application just became incredibly easy thanks to the latest release about Android API which provides the link between applications and wireless devices the upgraded API incorporates new features that allow for concurrent multiple apps and multiple sensors combine this with the advanced network possibilities event to go beyond a basic data transfer so that whatever your app concept and your desired user experience you can make it happen weve created new seamless plugins for the and radius service providing you an extended range of implemented and plus device profiles to easily connect your app to the 60 million available and plus devices available today when you use these plugins youre automatically adhering to the amp plus device profiles so it just works and your app talks with sensors from leading companies around the world essentially when you use the app plus API weve done all of the work for you so that you dont have
The Voltreport ant-radio-service-app-0 New ANT Android SDK Version 4.0
to spend your time learning the technology the devices or performing testing your options are completely unrestricted and plus is open to everyone and is designed so that you can create apps which is data from any device in any way at the same time data can be real-time or stored sent or received the new and plus API is super easy to implement reliable and available today this can add value to consumers in many ways for example say that your consumer is out for a run gathering data from an and + stride based speeding distance for pod and an ant poss heart rate monitor to send to an application that allows her to track and share her run with her running club and a coach then say she needs a second health app its prescribed by a doctor collecting and forwarding heart rate for the personal health records this same second app can also connect to an amp plus white scale and the start of each day collect and record
The Voltreport ant-radio-service-app-1 New ANT Android SDK Version 4.0
a current weight she can continuously track a heart rate all day and seamlessly switch to the fitness app without interrupting the health app achieving all of this with the ultra-low power of amp plus insurers long battery life this is possible as each ant adapter contains 8 channels which can can be figured completely independently from each other if required you can even add more and yours sticks to provide more independent channels different channels can also act as a master and a slave for different connections at the same time lets say while the runner is tracking her run data on a fitness app shes also listening to music on a Nadder app which uses the amp plus controls profile as a controllable audio device this app can send data like the track title and elapsed time to an amp plus control swatch which is used to send back commands like volume control and next track in addition ant is ideal for low-power phone to phone communication the user can set
The Voltreport ant-radio-service-app-10 New ANT Android SDK Version 4.0
up an ad hoc network on the fly with unrestricted architecture to communicate to multiple phones at once this is perfect for multiplayer games for example you can set up chat rooms a basic building block for mini games which any phone could act as the server and using advanced features like background scanning and shared channels to connect multiple phones together in case you didnt know Anton and plus have been established for 10 years while remaining at the cutting edge of technology you can be assured that what you get from us is proven and reliable ant is the base protocol and an plus is the interoperability layer that manages the device profiles hundreds of top brands and millions of consumers already use and trust and plus technology and the data provides an plus is already available in over 30 million manufacturer enabled mobile friends you can also access and plus a millions of additional phones using various accessories and plus is the leader in health and fitness monitoring and with
The Voltreport ant-radio-service-app-11 New ANT Android SDK Version 4.0
Health Organization stating that 69% of the worlds population is sufficiently physically active there is a very large market for applications that include health and fitness data in summary the new app plus API allows multiple applications and multiple sensors to run at the same time weve implemented the ANT+ profiles for you so that anyone can write an ad plus application ant allows master and slave channels at the same time so you can utilize any network architecture that works for you in addition to the AM Plus profiles you can use the and technology as an efficient communication mechanism between phones we welcome you into the amp plus ecosystem today the world is ready and waiting for your next great sport health and fitness to get started visit this is an comm where youll find the developers section with downloads for the ant and our plus AP is sample code and the required services which are also available from the Google Play Store with an plus its easy it just works you
The Voltreport ant-radio-service-app-12 New ANT Android SDK Version 4.0
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