Min Price Icon (500K+ Profit) | I Cant Believe I Missed That… Icon Sniping FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

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yo guys what is going on welcome to ap 4/20 sniping reaction video today Im bringing you guys a very special episode as the first time in 50 it does in fact include icon Snipes so if you guys do enjoy it make sure its much like but lets say Ive got it 500 likes on this episode and of course if your need to channel make sure to subscribe now before we do jump into the clips in place episode and we can tell you guys about the new queue to give away the previous one we run for about two weeks at the money to get one files and comments so almost 1000 entries and there was a 24k V point giveaway attached to that QT post this new one again does in fact have the same prize pool some by commenting on the Qt post linked in the description you guys will enter yourself into a 24k v quick gift way so make sure to go get involved it is about the finishing mechanics on FIFA 20 such as the bond people opportunities and come hard they are to score also and goalkeepers and the fact that they carried the ball into dangerous areas so we want to know your guys opinions on what you think about the finishing mechanics on thief 20 and anyway though place you lets go check it out flight did mention link in the description by commenting on the post the answer yourself into a 24k feat point giveaway but anyway guys weve thought wait Im sure youre very you could see the content that Ive got prepared you guys they were jump straight into it and hopefully I will see you guys next time if you want sniping filters dude go check out my youtube channel stay easiest oh we got that I did not its that good wait how much is dig name dude thats the first code we saw I did not expect to get ah actually thats a decent snipe deer die its not a bad snipe to be honest that one just come on the market cant we get 65k for him dance that is no maybe Tareq and I just oh yeah I probably – oh I mean guys Im puzzled do I just go for the quick turnaround cuz sometimes when youre dealing with inform items the price can crash pretty hard I think 63 500 is probably a good way to go for this item to be fair nice profit after tax as well yeah quick turnaround its always what you want to see and another thick night lets go boys fifty eight thousand coins directly on the threshold of what weve actually got this filled set off but so its not gonna be the greatest knife in the world but he does so pretty quickly sixty-three five hundred so its nice little turn around its mother apparently this card is eighty k right now on the Xbox the disparity in price between the two consoles that is crazy but I aint gonna complain fifty eight thousand coins start to turn out to be a pretty nice sniping filter a lot and that does not mean dont copy me okay twitch chat you can copy me after up being kicked out right do not copy me right now Im trying to get clips for YouTube if you guys copy me it means no YouTube video right but anyway another thick thing greatly solid snipe again oh my god weve got it at forty thats a crazy sniper regardless though were still gonna make heavy profits on that because 44k is well on that ah is right boys okay nevermind hes gone back up these fluctuating then and no is so price is actually sixty three five hundred mates of weve just made some pretty decent coins there why was there not sniping on the trading from scrapped account guys that is the question that we all need to ask ourselves right now thats probably 20 kappa tactics then no that

is terrible mouths its probably about 60 in the half thousand coins our tux Im not gonna complain about that I dont understand how I just worked out tux right and ended up I think on a volume instead of taking it away is it is it steam exclusive theyre not a steam mix theyre exclusive now the top what no no dude a teeny one older please did we not load in on the one hour mark if anybody see us reading the chat oh its not paying too much attention I mean I dont know why I just reacted so crazy there because thats not the greatest knife anyway thats one thousand coins on that thats one thousand coins on the parameters Ive got set up so its not like not like a mint price Jeannie wine album card is it oh damn it wait actually no did I even want to cite that card its probably good that we missed out on that one after tux it would have been like 1.5 k panic over boys lets just go back to our filter lets just start sniping Jeannie one of them all over again pretend like nothing happened guys dude why the first search no not again how many of these might gonna miss how many wine albums dude 1 6 7 1 6 7 k this is just sad at this stage man this is just sad at this stage literally just sighs talk about this not being an active sniping filter and telling you guys not to snipe these cards and Im only doing it for content is this the type of content you want well its not the type of content I want because I want that to have I wanted to be a green tick rather than an red X okay that would have been a good one guys that literally is a good snipe right there one six seven cake he sells for one nine three we literally just went and showed this price okay not even available at that at that margin right now we finally get one place we finally get a teeny bun all of them its right I did load in on the blood Ill mark yes okay so if we do load them correctly I cant get this card good news thats what I like to hear this is where we check his price now by the way knees dropped all the way down to like 180 5k are you ready this is how the games gonna scurry me please okay never mind hes still extinct at 193 which is likely what I think Im gonna sell my pond for if you look at 195 plenty off them at this price point so 193 in my opinion good profit right guys after tux its its well over 5k yeah when you take into consideration EA tux thats probably about five K after tax I think I mean thats not even a good one seriously this is just frustrating at this stage this isnt even a good one boys no good no good comparisons there to be honest Ill go ahead and change the MUX by now theyre about 190 K at this stage one laminal around 190 and these 187 dont change thats like 193 say if theres any other options at this price range still just the one laman honestly it wasnt even that good of a sniper Im just trying to do 173 I cant believe that his that actually just happened on the first search two icons in onesearch 85 Lippman what is happening today dies Im trying to get sniping content right and I have literally missed about 5 icon so far Ive never seen them back-to-back though thats the first time thats happened how much is Littman and where lets go footb in this because well compare trice lets go into stupid ones will come up for 500k recording two-foot pin on the PlayStation hes pretty expensive you know 350 cave right now 350 K for literally two

icons in the space of two searches though that never happens we missed both of them guys honestly like Im trying so hard to get Ikon contents Ive got a bunch of clips which probably wont even make youtube videos just because like its missed Snipes isnt it like nobody wants to see mr. snipe but this opportunity this has to go in thats pretty rare nope oh my god thats my first min price icon no we saw it on the one hour mark as well we did Hernandes sixty-four thousand five hundred coins please dont hes 600 k its called the 600 k I actually cant believe what Ive just seen I cant believe this right Ive spent the entire day sniping guy like Im watching Castro on livestream theyve spent the entire day whilst watching them to try to snipe icons weve seen multiple throughout the day dont get me wrong but nothing like that a min pricing on this that is unbelievable that really is just crazy that would be in my best snipe ever on FIFA regardless of what version that would have been my best snipe just in general thats crazy dude I cant believe Ive missed out on that opportunity be interesting to see when I watch that back if we load the bin and correct me or whether it was like a second late actually on it I dont know what to say thats an incredible opportunity what what a clip that would have made it would have got that as a snipe there it is guys d 420 off first icon snipe its not a great one I mean hes gonna get banned for coin-cell nominee come on e I saw mm hes actually around 170 K all right so the snipe that we just got it was decent its not like a mint price icon which we saw earlier on theyll put that up to around 173 quite a few of them faithful actually at that price point and Im probably gonna go ahead and sow a mile around 170 just to ensure that he does self but if the first FIFA 20 I conce night guys the opportunities that weve missed this year have just been ridiculous but we do finally get one as you can see layman at 145 thousand coins I think after-tax thats probably about 15k rights H not boys I finally got an icon tonight to upload into its night pink reactance video the amount of content that Ive been gathering for them forward they like they for being missed opportunities this time round we finally got ourselves a successful icon sniper Wow okay I mean we didnt even load them correctly on the writer yen Sleiman 85 icon yet again by the way boys the same bloody icon three times I think youll probably only see to them considering one of them kinda screwed it up hes around 160 Cape right now so its price is on for it knee dropping I broke the list mine up at around 160 you know right transfer list as you can see the off ones have in fact sold one six eight one six three Im not gonna actually upload the clip at the 163,000 coin snipe just because I think we make like 2.5 k after-tax but this layman I guess its another successful icon snipe right guys will probably make 10k actually which I mean I suppose if that is on on an inform card or something itd be a decent snipe right but its just the fact that weve had some incredible opportunities on the icon sniping filter on thief 20 already and these are the only card that Im able to get some reason its basically the lowest rated icon and Ill probably end up wrapping this office like an out throw to a YouTube video at some stage so if you have enjoyed the video Smarts like button please subscribe if youre new but over the night guys hopefully enjoyed this video hopefully Ill see you next time

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