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transpose in matlab
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hello to everyone in this video Im gonna explain you how to find the transpose of a matrix in MATLAB first of all you need to wear certain commands CLC clear all close all just to clear the command window now you are going to take the input matrix from the user you can take any type of matrix it can be n cross n matrix that is a square matrix or it can be a matrix which is a non square matrix so here
The Voltreport transpose-in-matlab-0 Matlab matrix transpose
we are going to take one non square matrix having elements one two two three and five six now we are going to find the transpose of this matrix first of all we need to find the size of this matrix that is the number of rows and number of columns for that we are having the command size X and it will be stored in m and n where m is the number of rows and n is the number of columns I miss
The Voltreport transpose-in-matlab-1 Matlab matrix transpose
the number of frozen and is the number of column in matrix X now we need to create an output matrix and in his last the elements of that output matrix as zeros the output matrix will have dimension and as number of rows and M as number of columns this is because in case of the transpose of a matrix the rows will be converted into the columns and column will be converted into the rows now we are going to use the loop
The Voltreport transpose-in-matlab-10 Matlab matrix transpose
equal to 1 to N and for J equal to 1 to M were gonna write the output trans I comma J equal X J comma I now we are going to end this for loop and the outer for loop we will display the output on the command window disp transposed matrix is disp run now we are going to run this program and see the output on the command window the transport matrix of input matrix is 1 2 5 2 3 6
The Voltreport transpose-in-matlab-11 Matlab matrix transpose
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