Marla Adams – Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

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Spent so many wonderful nights in this room all those years ago. Mm hmm. We we would build a fire and then we would all sit around and and i seem to the children.
Oh wow. That sounds lovely do you remember that mom well. I do im kind of surprised that you do mom.
I always remember something like that i think she just sang to you jack. She did not sing to tracy. And me did she uh not that i recall huh well maybe you girls reaches just too.
Young or that you dont remember the good times. Anymore because i caused you so much pain on a beam of light from a soul of you just my little shooting star that was beautiful never heard that before oh well its its ancient sort of like me. But my father buried used to sing that to me every night when i was a little girl.
Its my favorite song one of my favorites. Too i havent thought about that song i havent heard that song for decades. Amazing isnt it mothers words come right back to you yes.
It is i just wish you girls had the memories that jack has because theyre moments that i will never forget you know i wasnt sure what to expect from this evening. But i am so grateful you so very very much and the big thanks go to you ashley. I know how difficult it must be for you given our relationship.
We dont really have one do we music it all happened so fast. I wasnt sure you knew what your daddy to a table full of people. The secret that i swore i would never music music.
Ive got 200 the diner. Charcoal. Tell me what to do so.
It. Tell. Me.
Oh okay. Um. Everyones left.
Its just us can someone please explain to me what is going on yeah things happen pretty quickly. Were having trouble keeping up.

who is graham on young and the restless-0
who is graham on young and the restless-0

You said that you ended your marriage to grandpa john because there was another man. Brent davis. Theres been a lot of back and forth going on a lot of misinformation could you girls excuse me for a moment.
Please yeah listen we can sir dont miss it. Theres no point thanks to your mother everythings out. There i feel like a part of you died tonight.
I feel exactly the same it out im summer. This about your sweet youre awfully quiet on the way here well. I have no words.
Ive ruined her life havent i im not gonna sugarcoat this the damage done to ashley is irreparable this on a night that we were supposed to be celebrating her everyone who heard those words is now processing. Them theres not a lot of room for interpretation. John abbott is not ashleys father.
Some loser you had an affair with is you know what you try to take it easy get some sleep tonight. Well deal with things tomorrow all right what about tracy and abby. Its gonna be difficult for both of them graham.
Ive hardly had time to process. What we know about the light. Well deal with him too.
Ashley is the priority right now. But we will all protect you from graham protect me. Wow.
Hes not the man you thought he was mother. Hes been lying to you from the beginning that requires action like writing him out of your will immediately music after do it quickly my will it hasnt even crossed my mind. Well take care of that and gram first thing in the morning right now i have to check on my sister jack.
Im so sorry son i wish for actually sake that were enough to fix. It music there you are ive been worried about you well. Its amazing.
Why havent i been worried about you all this time your children theyve gotten in your head. Another alone. I can make you help you to understand oh i understand perfectly what about those things ashley said.
About you wanting to drive a wedge between me and my children that was your goal. All along wasnt it ashleys goal was to make me look bad.

who is graham on young and the restless-1
who is graham on young and the restless-1

And she did i know youre furious. Oh. Youre damn right then hear me out start.
Talking how did you leave things with your daughter. Did she take you into your arms or did she forgive you or did she turn her back on you oh. She stayed true to form youve told me about the numerous times you tried to reconcile things with her and jack and this is what they do to you they reject you if i upset you with the things that i said.
Im very very sorry all i care about is your welfare and your happiness. You have to believe that you want my money and revenge. Am.
I not entitled is my mother not entitled my perfect family was ruined because of you brent left my mother and me broke. We were moving all the time constantly getting evicted. We even had to live out of a car for a short time you can call that living.
Oh you were better off without him classic deena tossing off a mean spirited comment. Like that. But you werent the one trying to make sense of your life trying to make everything okay.
We are broken mother. No you jet it off to france to live the high life to find your next gigolo. Someone to tell you youre fabulous and to flatter you when you were never anything anything.
Except pathetic and needy and soulless. Im done with you i want you out of my life. What are you doing who you calling.
Im calling jean marc. Its early in paris. But im sure hell take you just talk to your lawyer.
Thats thats crazy and my crazy or am. I pathetic graham could be that full grab kit made that bump no no. Its not happy to fern.
It all music okay. So jack is that an out of town meeting. Its just you.
And me. What would you like to do you wanna go to spa.

who is graham on young and the restless-2
who is graham on young and the restless-2

Um. We could go to the movies. Other movies.
That sounds wonderful you can buy me a child size popcorn and hold my hand during the scary parts of them. Rather. Well you are talking about babysitting arent you im talking about spending.
Some time together. I thought it would be nice nice nice is banal ashley okay. So um.
What would you like to do be treated like an adult well i can see where youre a priorities lies just just go to work ashley. I dont want to be a birth okay look no more work just me and you and were gonna have fun. Even if it kills us ice skating.
I mean of all things mother. I thought youd want to get a relaxing massage or a facial. But not ice skating well you only live once darling.
What about the risk. Oh you mean like falling down and breaking a hip. Yeah.
Because it happens yeah. Well. I knew youd be there.
You never let me fall. Ice skating well. I just thought i would recreate a little bit of history.
Like when i took you skating for the first time you took me skating. Yes. No id remember that oh yes.
You insisted on skates for christmas which i got you along with private lessons. But you wanted to learn on your own no teacher. I say really that stubborn who am i kidding of course.
I was so i took you you took me yeah. I must have fallen a thousand times.

who is graham on young and the restless-3
who is graham on young and the restless-3

Oh. You did. And you stood up a thousand.
One. Oh yes. Ashley abbott is no quitter and i was so proud when you remember that yeah.
And i dont i remember skating with jack and tracy and dad. But with you id i just dont recall well because it only happened once. But when those special days do happen you dont realize then just how special they are at least.
I never did i think all parents feel that way ive had moments like that with abby. You dont realize that theyre not gonna come around again. Dont be so kind dear.
I was never there for my children. Especially you youre here now right. And you were there when i learned escaped yes.
And you remember. And i dont know you were so determined you were so stubborn too and i knew then that you would always triumph well lets be honest not always yes always i was proud of you then and im proud of you now thank you. But today will be a day that i definitely remember oh.
It certainly will be and you know. Whats up next old dancing next on the agenda hot toddies perfect perfect. This is really lovely just lovely.
I know its kind of trite. But its true its never too late to make good memories memories what what what memories ice skating. Im holding my arm and we were we were ice cave.
I love ice skating. Thats ridiculous. I would never waste my time on something like that music music dinners ready when you are thank you you know that ornament.
You showed me earlier. I remember now yes. I was the one that helped you make it and i told you to spell.
Jackie with a lie not an id thats my memory to the guide you know son. I im aware that my memory will come and go mostly go and when it does jack when i become terribly difficult for you to handle i just want you to know that i love you now and always and i love you oh music. .

who is graham on young and the restless-4
who is graham on young and the restless-4

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