Lighter Reviews Ep. 1 – Honest Permanent Match

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hi folks Jobin here do you know what time it is I do its lighter eview time this is what is commonly called a permanent or everlasting match it is a slightly unusual type of lighter that maybe not all of you are familiar with this particular one is made in China and yeah I know what you may be thinking and I hear ya Ive had quite a few lighters from China that were absolute garbage but this one happens to be honest brant and in my opinion honest is two lighters whats an R and mu is two knives theyre good designs and they have good quality control theyre well made and theyre still cheaper than some of their competitors that are pushing out junk now lets take a look at how this slightly unusual lighter operates this top piece here unscrews and as you pull it out youll notice that it is overhang sealed and here at the end we get this fuzzy little wick here and in the middle there is a hardened steel little scraper and what you do with that is you scrape it down this grooved area here which is a small diameter Ferro rod thats epoxy down to the side of the lighter and that creates Sparks and ignites this piece here which works like a match hence the name now on the bottom of this lighter there is this plug here but you never need to mess with that you can fill the lighter through the same hole that the match goes in in this lighter uses the old-fashioned liquid fuel the same

as for Zippos and other lighters that use a wick this is not the compressed butane gas fuel do not confuse the two they do not work they are not interchangeable now these things always have little spouts that you have long fingernails our knife to sort of pop it open there we go so lets put a bit of fuel under this one and try it out that should do for demonstration purposes and put the match back in let it soak up some of that fuel and I need to whop wipe slider off because I spilled a little fuel on it and if I lit it like that Id set my fingers on fire and as amusing is that would be for you I would prefer to avoid that okay we should be good to go now I feel wet yeah kinda maybe I didnt fill it quite enough ah there we go yep okay and the best way I found to do this is not a striking motion like that like with a standard match although that can work I prefer to go in sort of a plowing motion this is a new Ferro rod so will take few scrapes here we go push and you have yourself a metal match and you can light your candle stick it you know under your fire to get it going to you know light up the paper or tinder you have down there under the stack of twigs all the flexibility and handling you would have with a match you have with this and when youre done you just stick

it in there screw it down thats really all there is to say about that in terms of operating its a very interesting little device and I would say that is one of the good points this this is a bit of a conversation piece of a lighter probably most people wont have seen it before and I think the design is very attractive also even when you run out of fluid you might have some luck igniting some natural tinder by sparking the Ferro rod here now there are a few downsides from a practical point of view and the first is that it definitely takes two hands to operate most of the lighters youre going to be able to do one-handed very very easily this one you need to hold each piece in a different hand and these striking motion requires a fair amount of manual dexterity might get a little trickier if you were extremely cold for example and it would prove darn near impossible if you had to say one broken arm or something but and also it is two pieces its conceivable that you could lose the match which would be a real bummer but on the other hand it has essentially no moving parts to break down it is basically a Ferro rod in a scraper and there just happens to be a fuel reservoir so overall I think its a very interesting design I really like mine and I hope you guys enjoy the video and you enjoy the rest of your day too I hope bye bye back with a little bit of supplemental

completely forgot about you might be wondering what you do when the wick gets burnt down heres one thats been used for a while and see the wick isnt fluffy anymore its kind of toasted and a lot smaller it still works but with a couple months more use I might stop working it might get too far burnt down so what do you do well helps if you have a pair of pliers what you do is you grab a little hardened steel scraper bit and you just pull it out like a tooth set that carefully somewhere you wont lose it and this now is just a common wick probably the same as youd see on a Zippo it does have the little metal wire running through it to give it some stiffness and so you pull it farther up and you take your little scraper thingy the rounded end goes in first in the square end you leave sticking out and you stick it in like that and then carefully you find a firm surface to push it against not sure this plastic table will do it there we go there then come out perfectly even but you get the idea now you have a lot more wick sticking out maybe actually a little too much for this one but the scraper is still accessible lets see how it works might produce too big a flame yeah not bad so there you go thats how you adjust into a replace a lick a wick a lick yeah lets say you adjust to replace a wick on a permanent match lighter

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