LG Flatron L194 WT lcd monitor repair

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hello youtubers this is another video repair session doing what the LG flat Tron l19 for WT – SF I got this monitor for free somebodys going to throw it out in the garbage so I took it off their hands and well it wasnt working when I received it and I kind of had a feeling that it was one of two things either a blown fuse which is very uncommon or worn out capacitors and if you dont know what a capacitor is its just a small little part most circuit boards have these usually they run anywhere from 25 cents to 103 dollars but on this particular circuit board I did locate a bad capacitor and you can tell a bad capacitor usually by its shape on the top of this capacitive is a little metal flat piece or not a piece but its a flat surface usually when theyre bad the capacitor has a dome shape to the top of the capacitor its puffed out sometimes its even burn out with black soot but in general they easily puff out and sometimes they leak like a white or yellowish powder or residue in the case of this circuit board on this lg monitor there was one blown capacitor I did go ahead and replace all four that were the same value but anyways Im sure a couple of you or some of you or most of you were looking for this video or having the same problem the monitor does not turn on it does not power on it does not do anything it just doesnt respond to any anything at all you push the power button and nothing happens and thats what happened with this monitor but like I said this is an LG once again I were to repeat LG 194 for WT flat Tron 19 inch LCD monitor right there see LG but

anyways taking this apart is fairly easy on the back of the monitor there are four screws you want to remove those okay and then thats it as far as screw sticking that off now you will have to get like a like a putty knife or a razor blade I wouldnt recommend for mekin yeah recommend a razor blade sorry but something thats flat and very thin because you will have to pry off this front bezel all the way around from the case one way I would have a I would actually take it apart on video but kind of a rush job I actually fixed it and then I decided to make the video but anyways like I said heres the bezel it will snap around the front of the casing basically like I said you just pry it around youll see little tabs to stick something in there maybe a very flat screwdriver you know flat-head screwdriver just keep prying around and around and around all the way around eventually it will get it off you may break off a couple tabs but you know what if youre in youre having to repair stuff you know you just want to monitor or you want to get back in business you know as far as getting it back to work or doing whatever youre doing with your monitor you know a looks dont really matter and the worst pay if you really worry really worry about looks you can always glue the damn thing back on but like I said you may break a couple of tabs which I have done maybe one or two butts so big deal but you know taking that off well remove the actual screen from the from the case and it should look itll lift right out so but anyways I kind of have this ready to kind of I guess

you can say rig together right now because Im going to put it back together but basically any harnesses you can see like that one there you can unplug it and it was one here youre going to plug it just unplug it and these here theres four little sockets you want to just kind of squeeze the little tab on the socket pull them out I actually kind of messed up I actually labeled the sockets when I took it apart because well I thought thatd be a great idea well I kind of forgot to write the numbers I wrote one two three four and the sockets and I forgot to put the one two three four and actual wearing so when I actually finished soldering all the capacitors back in I forgot that I didnt have the wiring in the correct position but I kind of guessed at it and I put red blue red blue fired right up I just plugged it in but anyways getting to the capacitors and the board itself theres one two three four screws this whole board will lift right out straight up after you unplug all these wires and then you can actually do the work on it you will need a either a desoldering iron or dishonouring bulb or some people like to use desoldering wick which is just copper braided wire I prefer the soldering iron its basically just a soldering iron with a suction bulb when it sucks the solder after you hate to join up or the connection up were trying to take the part out it sucks the solder into the bulb I like those there if you live in the United States theyre usually like ten twelve bucks and you can order them order those online probably from eBay or other electronics supply warehouses or part stores or whatever but I prefer the soldering

iron but anyways I said getting to the capacitors you see a whole group of these capacitors here of course I replaced all these capacitors one two three four I replaced all four they are a thousand microfarad 25 volt capacitors well I could I had some laying around because I did tend to fix other monitors and usually the parts are usually the same so I had some laying around but Im guessing theyre roughly around 50 cents to maybe a dollar apiece if most you can order these parts from Mouser comm digi-key RadioShack just type in electrical parts in the Yahoo or Google or whatever you know Im trying to components supply stores you know theres tons and tons of places that sell parts but like I said theyre not expensive this whole repair might cost you five bucks if that of course if youve gone into other further damage well then it can get costly transistors with transformers bigger you know capacitors you know diodes resistors if you get in if you have a board thats burnt up I mean if youre knowledgeable about fixing electronics you could get into replacing parts but you could get into a whole another mess you know it could spend twenty five dollars in parts and try to fix it yourself and still not have any results as far as having a fixed board but usually these you know televisions computer screens you know LCD LED type the common problem with these is bad capacitors over time they can get hot I get they get worn out my league theyre kind of like batteries Im not saying they are batteries you dont function as a battery but theyre like batter is you know over time if they get hot too much or too much heat they will leak and once they leak they go bad and they dont they dont

know serve their function anymore so the circuit is closed or doesnt operate the proper voltage but you know with any electronics you can always get into costly repairs theres ICS and PLL chips and you know all kinds of memory circuits and you know stuff like that sometimes when it stuff like that breaks while youre better off just buying another monitor or whatever youre working on I said thats a cheap fix capacitors I got other videos on youtube about fixing TVs and stuff the monitors 90% of the time actually I would say 95% the time if you get a monitor out of the garbage or you have one that goes bad or its starting to go bad 95% of time its the capacitors and thats pretty much with any electronics to old radios old televisions old electronics you know capacitors just wear out just just what they do they dont last forever anyways like I said youll see if you take this monitor apart you will see the capacitors if they have a bulging top on them like a bulge or pushed out or leaking youll see a little bit yellow stuff or white stuff and the top will be dome shaped that usually means its a bad capacitor replace it take it out the back side the motherboard has soldered traces youll want to flip the board over which I cant do right now because it got a screwed in boards you know screw under the casing but youll remove that solder and I think a pastor you have a positive and a negative thats the negative side and the positive even my dog zipper you can hear that but thats about it I will have future videos about repairs stuff like that so keep checking back but hopefully this video helped you repair your LG L 194 WT LCD flat Tron monitor thanks for watching

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