It’s Too Big!

its too big
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stick it in I cant what you mean you cant just shove it in there its too big I mean I do get that a lot but you can make it fit trust me and

Im trying its just so hard well aint this what you get paid for by you supposed to be a pro at this I do this all the time but yours is one of the

biggest Ive ever seen you look I want you to talk just put it in aint gonna hurt ya right no its nice look do I need to fire somebody else no I can make

it work shits gonna be really tight its all good look Ill just stretch it open and loosen that thing huh okay well Ill let you make it but you still gotta pay because Im

in your work yeah you know whatever look I cant make it any smaller what you want me to do its too big its to use right you was right Im gonna get a different size

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