iPad Pro 2017 (10.5″) Review!

ipad pro 2nd gen
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hey what is up guys Im QB HD here and one of the new pieces of hardware we got at WWDC this year was this new iPad pro now it looks obviously really similar in pretty much every way to previous iPads so you know may or may not be worth it some minor improvements in here so I asked on snapchat which you guys wanted to know and believe it or not a lot of you actually did want to see a review of the new ten and a half inch iPad so thats what were doing so Ive been using it for a little bit a little more than a week now and my previous tablet of choice for when I did use a tablet was the old, 12 point nine inch huge iPad pro this one makes it look huge but I didnt really use it that often I use it occasionally for watching videos and general media consumption nothing too crazy like that but this tablet has me using tablets again a lot more often so this is everything you need to know about this new iPad pro so first of all youve seen an iPad before youre already familiar with the way an iPad pro looks all-metal rectangular body pretty exceptionally well built you can see the antenna lines for the cellular version up top and the ten and a half inch display is slightly bigger but in a similar footprint to the old nine point seven inch iPad pro so it just has some thinner side bezels now which I really appreciate overall its a pretty solid but also very light weight tablet to hold in the hand so its comfortable which is good because youre gonna be holding it in your hands a lot so what is new well number one is inside is a pretty big spec bump an iPad was already pretty powerful but now you might have seen these new headlines that the new iPad pro is almost as powerful as a macbook pro in a way thats kind of true its benchmarking really high in Geekbench thanks to the new a 10x fusion ship which has a 12 core GPU and is very very powerful and capable it also bumped up to four gigs of ram
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and just through daily use I havent come across any apps or any experiences really that truly pushed this new iPad pro to its limits this thing crushes everything you throw at it and Ive played a variety of games mess with productivity apps and gone with them for long periods of time open and this Ive had barely brief to sweat it really only just gets a little bit warm and thats it the most impressive part is actually how many apps it keeps in memory and for how long like there was more than one instance where I went back through the multitasking UI and found an app that was open yesterday and tapped to open it and it was right there where I left off which is pretty dope so a 10x Fusion chip is a monster plus four gigs of RAM is great and now also 64 gigs of storage is the baseline so thats a pretty solid spec bump if you asked me the battery is about the same apple claims 10 hours again I found that to be conservative but pretty accurate usually good for about two full days of use often more though because standby time is so good I just wish iPads had quick charging thats one thing that I feel like they are kind of missing from the hardware lightning wish it was USB C but not expecting it so whatever but these things charged kind of slow for a huge battery like this so I wish they had quick charging will be a lot more convenient and then the camera yes technically the camera on the back got a big upgrade as well its now running the same 12 megapixel F 1.8 camera system as the new iPhone 7 which doesnt mean I had endorsed using it as your main camera or anything but its now super overkill on the quality department for some new features of support like document scanning where recognizes text and 3d surfaces and can scan documents into the Notes app super accurately and easily if you want to use the camera for other things sure I get it itll be an awesome FaceTime camera itll take 4k videos with optical image stabilization like its an amazing camera its the best camera in a
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tablet but you just wont see me using it any time soon now the speakers in this tablet still pretty good actually great because theyre the best speakers in any tablet also as the quad speakers this has them on all four sides so if youre gaming or if youre watching a video or listening to music the entire thing kind of vibrates as this echo chamber and if you put it on a table the table starts vibrating its loud its crisp its clear great speakers also but the biggest upgrade and the absolute most impressive new feature of this iPad pro is the new display so this screen is better in every way possible its brighter you know up to 600 nits max brightness and it has that anti-glare coating and everything so its more visible and bright environments it supports the wide P three color gamut now so overall it can produce more vivid bright colors and its still the same high resolution as before so 264 pixels per inch beyond 1440p resolution but the real killer is what Apple calls promo and they didnt have to name it or wherever but essentially the new iPad display is now capable of a refresh rate up to a hundred and twenty Hertz unlike every other app will display on every device ever which is going up to sixty Hertz so the native speed of everything thats happening on the display is now 60 frames per second instead of thirty frames per second and you can definitely tell so even in this 30 frames per second video which cant fully do it justice you can see how responsive iPad is its literally twice as close to one-to-one movement with your finger or the stylus as has ever been before and its awesome that the GPU keeps up with everything and pretty much never drops any frames because this adds a whole layer of butter to the top of the OS you honestly have to go to an Apple store or like borrow someones and try it for yourself you have to see it to notice it but once you do I guarantee youll notice it and then promotion also means that it can dynamically switch the refresh rate to go back down lower when youre doing slower
The Voltreport ipad-pro-2nd-gen-10 iPad Pro 2017 (10.5") Review!
like maybe reading a book scrolling through a webpage something slower looking through photos but you wont really notice because as soon as you start scrolling quickly again or as soon as you hit that home button and start swiping its right back to 120 Hertz so this is awesome I really enjoyed using it and it did make a really big difference in my iPad usage experience all the in-app experiences are faster all the between app experiences are faster and I really hope this comes to the next iPhone but that in a nutshell is the new iPad pro its not necessarily any more Pro of an iPad than previous ones it still runs the same OS still has just better specs so its kind of like Im Mac Pro versus iMac just better so its funny with a lot of these videos where it ends up just being a speck bump and Im reviewing a device thats clearly a speck bump from last year the question is usually well is it enough of a speck bump to justify getting it or would you kind of fade away to the competition thats making bigger leagues forward but it turns out with this tablet there really isnt anything close in terms of competition you might remember my last video about tablets which was our tablets dead and the honest answer is if its not an iPad it kind of is I dont get me wrong there are some two-in-ones and some convertibles not really pure tablets but those things are better at getting work done and better for productivity things with actual physical keyboards and like that but as far as just a pure tablet goes great battery life really great display best camera in any tablet best speakers I would say in any tablet arguably best build quality in any tablet best performance in any tablet so this thing is a really complete package so they have it iPad pro if you dont already have an iPad probably a good time to get one if you do already have an iPad know that this is a really solid spec bump and if thats what youre looking for then this will fill that void thats it thanks for watching talk to guys in the next one peace
The Voltreport ipad-pro-2nd-gen-12 iPad Pro 2017 (10.5") Review!
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