Introduction to Community Health Nursing

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To the first module in the family community assessment course. This presentation focuses on the the basic concepts that will thread through the rest of the course. A lot of presentation discusses the common elements of public health.
That shaped practice for nurses. And for other public health workers. You the institute of medicine.
Provided. This widely and currently accepted definition in 1988. Public health is activities that society undertakes to assure the conditions in which people can be healthy.
This includes organized community efforts to prevent identify and counter threats to the health of the public. I think one thing to really focus on in this definition is that we undertake to assure the conditions in which people can be healthy in an attempt to provide one common mission vision and purpose of public health. The steering committee in 1994 wrote this public health in america statement.
The vision is pretty simple healthy people and healthy communities. The mission then is though to promote physical and mental health and to prevent disease injury and disability. Promote and prevent our two words that are key to public health.
And to this course as you go through the purpose. That is to prevent epidemics and the spread of disease to protect against environmental hazard hazards prevent injuries. Promote and encourage healthy behaviors.
Respond to disasters and assist communities in recovery and assure the quality and accessibility of health services. Despite having a relatively low profile status. Public health services play.
A key role in assuring. The health and well being of communities throughout the 1900s. The average lifespan of persons in the united states increased by more than 30 years and 25 of these are attributable to advances in public health and in particular.
The improved sanitation and control of infectious diseases. One problem is though is that when public health is successful nothing happens because were preventing it from happen happening. Thats why its so low profile in order to understand the role that public health plays.
Its important to look at what makes us different first is a social justice philosophy. Public health serves. Everyone no population diagnosis or geographic area is left out public health serves.
The healthy and the sick. Its political in nature. We dont want to oversimplify this point.
But what government does affects the practice of public health and what is happening in public health affects. The government oftentimes public health agencies are caught in the middle. As theyre trying to serve both the government and the public.
It is a dynamic agenda that is ever expanding new and emerging problems continue to surface such as sars and the west nile violent virus and ebola virus. Theres a link with government then governments give public health. The enforcement power necessary to ensure the health of the public.
The government can also take a lead in the prioritization of issues and service provision public health is grounded in the sciences. There are five sciences that provide the base of support epidemiology biostatistics and environmental management and behavioral sciences prevention comes up again while prevention efforts are effective theyre often unseen and then often overlooked by government and the public and then theres an uncommon culture public health is provided by many professions. So then there are no typical public health.
Professionals the public health workforce in the united states consists of approximately 500000 individuals with diverse professional training and experience they include nurses physicians lab technicians educators nutritionists social workers economists liars and then people in those basic sciences. But one of the most important groups of people is the community based or grassroots workers which might include parents grandparents civic leaders volunteer their time how do all these people with a unified purpose. But different skills work together successfully to carry out the mission of public health.
The core functions of public health bring us together the essential services and national initiatives such as healthy people 2020. There are some other activities for this module. Theyre going to help you understand these three things well mention them later.
But remember to complete all the activities for the module the social ecological perspectives. Helps us pinpoint opportunities for promoting health by understanding the factors that influence behavior at each level of the model. And by recognizing that an individuals behavior both shapes and is shaped by these multiple levels of influence in order to increase in physical activity.
You need healthy eating health promotion efforts need to focus not only in behavior choices of each individual. But also on factors that influence those choices and these act factors can operate out of several spheres of influence including public policy institutional and organizations or psas community interpersonal. As well as individual levels.
These social determinants of health are included in these factors of influence. Its defined as the circumstances in which people are born grow up live work and age and the systems put in place to deal with illness and these circumstances. Then are in turn shaped by a wider set of forces.
Economics. Social policies and politics.

a community health nurse is planning a presentation for adults who have a family history of-0
a community health nurse is planning a presentation for adults who have a family history of-0

And this definition. This description of social determinants of health comes from the world health organization. Thats what who stands for healthy people 2020.
Is often called a roadmap for national health promotion and dis prevent disease prevention efforts. Its about understanding. Where we are now and taking informed action to get where we want to go over a 10 year period.
So there was healthy people 2010. Healthy people 2000. And on and on this is a picture of the social ecological approach.
That healthy people 2020. Takes. And i mean the national health objectives.
A key concept is here is one of the determinants of health. The conditions in which we live and work such as our physical and social environments and access to health services. As well as our individual behavior and biology.
These can all have an enormous impact on our health as a group and as an individual the graphic framework that you see here attempts to illustrate the fundamental degree of overlap among these determinants of health. As well. As their emphasis and their collective collective impact and influence on health outcomes.
And conditions. The framework also underscores a continuous focus on population disparities including those categorized by race and ethnicity socioeconomic status gender age disability status sexual orientation and geographic location it is important to understand the resources that healthy people cant when t2 can offer you in your practice. And again.
I point you to the learning activities about healthy people 2020. That is part of this module. The other thing to look at here are the overarching goals.
These are pretty broad goals and theyre pretty high goals. But thats what were reaching for attaining high quality longer lives free of preventable disease injury and premature death achieving health equity. Eliminating disparities and improve the health of all groups create social and physical environments that promote good health for all and promote quality of life healthy development and healthy behaviors across all life stages.
I think this quote from dr. David satcher. Who was asserted general in 19 2001.
Really brings home what were talking about with this the determinants of health and this is the call to action to prevent and decrease overweight and obesity. Many people believe that overweight and obesity is a personal responsibility and to some degree theyre right. But its also a community responsibility when there are no safe accessible places for children to play or adults to walk jog or ride a bike thats a community responsibility when school lunchrooms and office cafeterias do not provide healthy and appealing food choices.
Thats a community responsibility when new or expectant mothers are not educated about the benefits of breastfeeding thats a community responsibility and we do not when we do not require daily physical education in our schools. Thats also a community responsibility. There is much that we can and should do together.
Now this kind of thing is often called upstream thinking let me read you this story about upstream thinking. And youll see what what this illustration means. A man was walking along a river back bank and suddenly sees a person flailing his arms and heres him pleading for help as he bobs in the water while being pushed downstream.
The man on the bank dives into the water swims to the victim and rescues him by pulling him ashore when the man turns toward the river once again he hears someone screaming for help and then another in another one after the other the man pulls the victims from the river exhausted and pulling yet another victim to shore. He notices a woman walking by help me he pleads all these people are drowning and i have to do something to save them more people are falling in a need help look he says pointing to the river. Where more victims are in the water and needing help immediately the woman starts to run upstream.
Along the bank. Where are you going he screams at that woman. I need help now i am helping right now says the woman.
Im going upstream to find out how theyre falling into the river and dead that so we come to the focus of community health nursing practice. Which is health promotion and illness prevention health promotion being all of those efforts that seek to move people closer to optimal well being or higher levels of wellness. The goal then is to raise the levels of bonus for individuals for families for specific populations and for communities.
Its about keeping people from falling in the river illness prevention is anticipating and averting problems or discovering them as early as possible to minimize potential disability and impairment our practice. Then is guided by three levels of prevention primary prevention is measures taken to keep illness or injuries from occurring. Its applied to a generally healthy population and precedes disease or dysfunction.
We really want to keep people from even going close to a river. Where they might fall in secondary is efforts to detect and treat existing health problems at the earliest possible stage. When disease or impairment is already present discover a health problem in a point.
When intervention may lead to its control eradication. Youve got people who have some existing disease and dont know about it yet so we do a lot of screening to help find it. But by doing that we can catch them right before they fall in the river tertiary prevention attempts to reduce the severity of a health problem and to its lowest possible lever level so as to minimize disability and restore or preserve function.
We want to pull them out of the river before they drown or they have a disability. Thats going to make their life quality much worse.

a community health nurse is planning a presentation for adults who have a family history of-1
a community health nurse is planning a presentation for adults who have a family history of-1

So lets look at this from the dolt from the lens of diabetes primary prevention are measures taken to keep illness or injury from occurring and applied to a healthy population. We know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can just decrease. Many of the factors that put people at risk for the development of type 2 diabetes especially maintaining a healthy weight secondary prevention of diabetes and now you can see here a chart of health screening results efforts then to detect and treat and treat existing health problems at the earliest possible stage.
So one way to identify. This is through blood glucose screening events such as those in health fairs. And then tertiary prevention of diabetes for someone who lives with diabetes.
Its important to keep it in control to risk severe complications then such as diminishing eyesight diminishing peripheral circulation and kidney damage so when you get down to it the themis prevention through prevention. Countless injuries illnesses and even chronic diseases can be avoided through prevention lives can be saved. Through prevention health.
Care. Cost can be contained and through prevention individuals. Their families and their communities can benefit from public health services.
Now the next part of public health in america is the court functions and the essential services. The statement of the court functions and this applies to public health with workers across all professions. The core functions are assessment policy development and assurance and if you look at this its like the ecological model in terms of the fact that it focuses not just on a family and individual.
But on the community and the overall system assessment is important for many reasons. But in this time of decreased staff and financial resources. A good assessment is necessary to ensure that limited resources are used effectively assessment is also important to determine what the real health issues are in the community oftentimes.
The public believes certain things to be harmful to health. That perhaps are not so. Assessment should be ongoing policy development is being part of the solution it requires much attention by public health providers.
We cant just be aware of outcomes and decisions to truly impact policy development needs we need to be involved in the process of actually developing policy health practitioners as weve said are unique and diverse in their backgrounds. This alysus and meet the unique opportunity to raise questions other people wont or ca. Nt ask through the policy development process public health interacts with the public.
It can make them aware of the process of decisions. Made as well as empower them to become become involved. Public health has the ability to bring together a diverse group of partners to address needs faith community schools hospitals and other organizations.
Not historically at the public health table have much to offer in this process of providing good health assurance. That is making sure that a program is underway thats accomplishing. What it set out to accomplish the need to continue to maintain the service continually needs to be looked at if the program is not meeting its intended impact then changes need to be considered.
Its our responsibility to show that those who benefit from a program have access to and knowledge of the program. This public health wheel shows the three core functions in black around the wheel of essential services in essence. The essential.
So that services can be grouped under the three core functions. Lets look at the essential services. Under the core function of assessment.
Mater. Asks these questions. Whats going on in our state and community.
Do you know how healthy we are accurate and periodic assessments of the communitys health status include diagnosing and investigating and it answers. These questions are we ready to respond to health problems or threats how quickly do we find out about problems. How effective is our response.
Im not going to go through each one of these and again there is a learning activity to help you master this in the module 1 folder. So be sure to use it and finally nurses wear many hats in promotion of public health. They serve as a clinician.
Which is a care provider. That focuses on holism health promotion and prevention while using expanded skills. There are educators.
Health teachers planning for community wide impact advocates. The pleader of the clients cause. Our actor on behalf of a client supporting plants self determination and responsive systems.
Their managers. Have administration direction of goals plan. Organized lead control evaluate and they put to have a participative approach within the community their collaborator.
Joining working joint working with others and multidisciplinary collegiality and leadership they have a leadership role acting as change agents and their researchers doing systemic infection. Investigation collection and analysis of data for solving problems. And using evidence based findings to community settings.
And thats all for this particular presentation. .

a community health nurse is planning a presentation for adults who have a family history of-2
a community health nurse is planning a presentation for adults who have a family history of-2

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