Ideal Option patients share stories of recovery, hope after addiction

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eighteen months ago if youd ask me what my name is I would have told you true bean and I was a hundred pounds thinner and I was a prostitute dont eat dont sleep walk the track turn Drakes do drugs that was mine go to jail get caught up every once in a while go to jail dream about drugs I dont know what you could have offered me to like genuinely try and believe I could be 18 months ago I wouldnt have believed that I would be sober for eight months and if I if if you convinced me like that that was going to happen like use force saw the future somehow and I was I would tell you also great so Im miserable cuz he took my drugs away thats great so why even live thats how committed we get to those drugs you know when I was out on the streets using I was under the impression and everything was fine Im fine its all good after sitting in jail for 3-4 months I realized that everything was

not fun during my addiction my mom didnt talk to me my best friend didnt talk to me because I would have used and taken everything I could from them but now that Im in recovery Im earning that trust back my mom tells me shes proud of me for the first time in three years Im proud of myself for the first time in three years so most of my opiate addiction was pills I did I went to heroin I used it a handful of times I realized that the effect was very short-term and that I would have a needle in my arm before long and so I then I went to methadone the methadone was a whole nother draw I mean it was its a drug its addictive I was in a fog all the time I was high all the time and I didnt realize that till I got off it so when I got out of jail I decided to call suboxone clinic and called several that couldnt get me in for 2 to 2 to 4 weeks

an ideal option got me in the next day what ideal option has been able to do is take evidence-based research medicine good forward-thinking and meet people where there are in terms of some kind of the disease of addiction ideal option is compassionate and caring and driven and non-judgmental and its really kind and theyre always there for you they dont just like disappear that are there for you consistently so this this is an easy recoveries not easy if it was easy everybody would be doing it but this recovery this is worth it this is this is what I hope you get your kids back this is what will help you get your life back your family your friends its gonna take time and its not gonna be an instant gratification like when it was when you were using but good things will come with time it just you got to work for now theres no reason why someone whos using opiates has to continue to use opiates if they genuinely want to quit if they genuinely want to quit this

is the way to do it I personally am in a place where I really love but I struggle because I know his problems growing so large and when youre in it you just dont care whos trying to help me because you feel so angry and so hurt and so unvalidated Oh like the only other people that get or other addict but everybody somewhere else has so many thats not on drugs that care about them or that will care about them they havent met he just got to get clean so they can find it because its such a rewarding feeling I can only imagine how hard this is but if you make that first step and allow us to support you I see people get easier and easier and love themselves more and more so try to give up to it come in and lets get you started whats the worst that can happen youll live and life goes on and youre you put this chapter behind you you will do the hard work but were here for you

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