I HAVE A FORTNITE SKIN!!! #ninjaskin

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dude Im Im so nervous / excited alright guys and girls everyone out there guys are being debated its nothing stupid bro Im not pregnant Jessies Im pregnant Im not retiring I think Im gonna have a heart attack dude bro Im pumped man six minutes love you dude all right look guys I just want to say I just want to say you know Im just like you know Im so excited hes last hes last 10 years 9 years of streaming has been a journey its been an incredible journey looking back I dont even know how it all happened I mean realistically I know it came from our work and putting that hi min right chat time in anyone of any adidas guys out there um did you put the time in man you put the effort in and anythings possible thats just facts though you know I kinda just want to wait here with you guys you know I dont want to talk I dont want to run it but Im going to I we keep talking to the nervous I cant stop yep scope you guess Im a ninja ninja and jeffree star cosmetics all right well I guess people are tweeting about it and posting about it so well talk about it Bailey it happened its official we finally got
The Voltreport ninja-icon-1 I HAVE A FORTNITE SKIN!!! #ninjaskin
a ninja skin in the game in fortnight we did it it all it took two and a half years extreme like 12 hours a day minimum basically accumulated billions of views on YouTube and on streaming platforms planck fortnight having the best time of my gaming career and life hashtag ninja skin its in the game and i get to show it to you guys a day early 24 hours before it launches and a select few of my friends will also have it as well well be playing later but I will be playing for the first hour by myself hyping it up talking with you guys showing it off and im waiting because theres supposed to be in my inventory at 9:05 so its 903 right now so Im gonna wait two minutes guys I but Ive literally wanted this since like season two man since I was since I was getting like 3040 thousand viewers I was like dude oh my god I had a skin in h1z1 it was like a little shirt and a little AR skin and it was the coolest thing ever to see people running around using that stuff and I always wanted to be in part of just one of the greatest most iconic games of all time and that is literally for tonight for night has changed
The Voltreport ninja-icon-10 I HAVE A FORTNITE SKIN!!! #ninjaskin
my life its changed millions and millions and millions of peoples lives all around the world and its going to continue to do that in my opinion its going to continue to do that and Im just happy that I can be cemented in the in you know in the in the early founding blocks of 4k and you guys are gonna absolutely love this thing oh man oh man guys if you were going to tweet about this if you guys are gonna post this on Instagram anything just mentioning it please hashtag ninja skin I mean we need to get hashtag ninja skin trending on Twitter dude I love when I can slam on my desk and you guys can hear the mic vibrate fun place is fun for me alright might not be here yet bro look at that it looks just like me oh my god what what dude four different variations my god bro theres the bag bling dude dual katanas check Oh lets go come on bro this is so catchy too obviously they couldnt use the real song oh my god bro alright we gotta go boom-boom-boom-boom alright guys so this game will be available tomorrow on the 16th all the way through the 19th guys if you dont even buy the skins if you dont play
The Voltreport ninja-icon-11 I HAVE A FORTNITE SKIN!!! #ninjaskin
as much as you used to get on and please support me buy this game also dont forget to use hashtag epic Partner code ninja in the item shop when you guys purchase this skin because I think like it really helps yeah oh my god bro dude this is what it this is one of the best skins I mean Im a little biased in the game oh hold up I got a bunch of people texting my phone right now Im hiding my screen right now I dont want like 800 people to land on me I want to win my first game with this kid also Im recording as well as streaming right now so I really hope that it doesnt like completely destroy my connection oh my god hashtag ninja skin lets go the culmination oh god oh god its happening full oh my god Im freaking out boom baby I got psychic powers hater Im playing me this is so sick doc give me a firm handshake what doc hasnt give me a firm hand shaking like two and a half years but it looks so much better check the coaching kids okay wait why dont you place two traps thats in the chat please after the chat wow you know chat it happens deep
The Voltreport ninja-icon-13 I HAVE A FORTNITE SKIN!!! #ninjaskin
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