How to Write Like an Architect | Creating a Narrow Architectural Font

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hi Im Doug Patt and this is how to architect how to write like an architect creating a narrow architectural font in this video Im going to take the basic forms for my typical architecture font and create a taller more narrow version my initial tools are still the same Ive used an Eames lettering guide to create these templates to make this video youll notice theres a third line toward the upper middle that Ill target for various parts of my letters this line really could fall in the middle or toward the bottom to create various fond versions Ill also use a small lettering triangle with tape on the back to prevent smearing and smudges because Im using ink today Im also cleaning the triangle regularly to keep the ink from accumulating and

smearing which it did anyway youll notice that these letters are composed in a more narrow and tall fashion relative to my original alphabet with the exception of a few letters I draw all of the vertical lines with my lettering triangle and all the horizontal lines freehand Ill also use an ellipse template for my C and the letter G because I simply cant make a clean shape like this without one however you may be able to it goes without mention that all the letters can be drawn without tools but for my purposes I like the alphabet to look systematic Im also incorporating a slight diagonal in all the horizontal lines to make the letters seem a bit more dynamic this halfa bet also varies from the previous and then Im using

a thicker marker for most of my freehand lines this thickness can of course change and can also be accomplished using the flat side of a mechanical lead see my video how to letter with lead on this subject for this alphabet Ive chosen to make the letters look a little more complete by making the majority of lines cross whereas in other alphabets Ive allowed more gaps although I drew my C and G with templates my O and Q are drawn by hand Im also still making most of the circular portions of my letters like an ellipse this is really just a function of the natural motion of my hand yours might look different the S is so tall Ive drawn it in three strokes which makes it look quite unique in

order to take my hand lettering to a new level I purchased font lab using the software you can scan your hand-drawn alphabet and clean it up digitally then create a unique font that you can use just about anywhere like word Photoshop Illustrator CAD and more the software is quite robust and Im just getting my head around it so it decided to simply take on capital letters at this point Ive standardized some of the horizontal lines and shapes and its coming along quite nicely perhaps Ill take on the lowercase letters in another video so keep checking the description section for that if I get enough interest in the comments section and figure out what Im doing I might make it available at some point Im Doug Patt youll see you next time

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