How to Use Backstage View in Microsoft Word 2016

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Before we actually wrap up module 1 I wanted to take a few moments in this fourth section and talk to you about the Backstage View. You’re going to see that all of the Microsoft Office products have the Backstage View and I wanted you to be familiar with what it is when we start actually using that terminology or having to use it. Like I mentioned, if you’re working in any of the Microsoft Office products you’re going to have a tab called File and when you click on it this takes you into what we call the Backstage View. And so this is going to have all of your options like your New, if you wanted to open a file you’d come here, here’s your save options we’re going to talk about in module 2. Notice the History. If I had actually saved this already and I made a change to it I can go see
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the different versions. Here’s where I’m going to print the file. I can share the file with others. I can export this or close it. Now you’re also going to have a few of these options down here, like the word Options, for example. These are all the options in Word. And then there’s Account. Some of these others you may or may not have, just depending on if you have different add-ins loaded. Now notice the info part in the middle here. I wanted you to be familiar with the compatibility mode that I mentioned because what the Compatibility Mode option here is going to allow you to do is if you’re working in a file that was created in Office 2003 or prior then you would need to actually enable some of the newer functions or features that Word has. And you can do that just by saying Convert right here. You can protect the document,
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which is something we’ll discuss way down in a later module. You can also inspect the document before you publish it just to make sure that it has things in it like the properties for the document, the authors name and things like that. Here’s the Properties over here I’ll mention in a second. And also just notice the Manage Document. So if you have a document or you want to recover one that hasn’t been saved yet you can go in and look at the Manage Document options. Here’s the Property options over on the right. And the properties are just features of this particular document. You can see it hasn’t been saved yet. You can see how many pages and words are here. If you had any editing you can see how many minutes it takes to edit this. If you had any titles, tags or comments they’d be listed here. You can see the creation
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date, when it was printed, who the author is, all those types of things. So this is going to give you a lot of information about this particular document. So I just wanted you to be familiar with the Backstage View. When we use that terminology it basically means that when I hit this back arrow I can go back and if I hit File that’s going to take me back into the Backstage View. So I’m going to hit the back arrow and that’s going to take me back. So that’s going to go ahead and wrap up module 1 here. I want you to go ahead and move over to module 2 where I’m going to get you started with some typing and have you create a new blank document so we can do some things with it. So I will see you over in module 2 and we’re going to really get going with this.
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