How to use a matrix diagram

matrix diagram
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[MUSIC PLAYING] DAVE WILLIAMS: A matrix diagram is a tool used to arrange and display information in order to help you understand important relationships and make decisions. It can be used in a number of different ways to help you make decisions for action. For example, imagine youre looking at a list of change ideas. You know you have only so much capacity. And you want to be thoughtful about where to start. You might use a matrix diagram like this. Lets draw this out. So what I can do here is basically say, OK, Ive got my different ideas. And with my team, I can look and say, well, gosh, let me think about this here for a second. So with Idea 1, on a scale of one to five, how

much do we think this can be done in, say, a 90 day time frame? We might look at that and say, oh, gosh, I can only do– this may take longer than 90 days. Im not sure, so maybe Ill give that one a two. On Idea 2, though, I think this one totally could get done in 90 days. And Idea 3, theres probably a high likelihood. OK. Great. Well, let me think about will to fix this problem? Is this important to people? I might come here and say, well, you know theres a lot of will here for an Idea 1. Theres actually quite a bit for Idea 2. But Idea 3, you know, its something that people arent ready to work on yet. And then as I

look at things that I have control to make changes on, I might come across and say, OK, great. This again, maybe its moderate level to control the changes. This one, pretty much completely in my control. And Idea 3 is not in my control at all. And then sponsorship, I look and Idea 1, theres a sponsor who says that this would make sense and theyll look at it. Theres good sponsorship for Idea 2. And theres limited sponsorship, moderate sponsorship for Idea 3. So as Im looking at my matrix, now I can kind of look at my data and say, well, which of these ideas has the best chance of success, right? And in this particular case, as I look across them, I might decide to select Idea 2,

because Ive got a higher degree of belief that its going to be able to be accomplished in a short amount of time, theres will to improve it, I have the ability or the control to test changes, and theres good sponsorship. So thats a high spot for me to potentially be successful in a project. As you go through the ranking, you hopefully discover that one change idea may be better than another to start with because it possesses more of the factors for success. It also can help you think about where work may need to occur to improve the likelihood of success of other change ideas before you begin to test them. Can you think of where in your project a matrix diagram could be useful? 59 00:02:58,700 –> 00:03:12,887

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