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whats up guys this is rich from kme gamer TV today were going to be doing a tutorial on how to take a screenshot from your PC so youre on your desktop and you got a program open or you want to take a screenshot of something not talking about inside a game or anything the first step youre going to want to do is on your keyboard youre going to look for the Print

Screen button as shown here and just go ahead and press that this essentially takes the snapshot of your screen and stores it on the clipboard now to make use of that youre going to want to open a picture editing program such as Photoshop or paint for this demonstration were going to use Microsoft Paint once its opened up then youre going to go back to your keyboard and press control V as shown

here this will paste it from your clipboard to Microsoft Paint now to make use of the file you simply go under file save as and then select the type of picture you want it to save as if youre playing a game and you want to take a screenshot based on the developer there are a few ways you can go about this first of all blizzards one of the few developers who understands

the need to take screenshot using the same Print Screen key while in game automatically takes a picture for you to find the save files simply go to My Documents the game youre playing and then the screenshots folder now steam is another developer who gets the need when playing a game through Steam and you have found you have a screenshot that you want to take simply just press f12 and it automatically saves

steam files now origins a few years behind and unfortunately they have no method of taking a screenshot you will have to rely on a third-party program such as fraps a Razer game booster in order to take screenshots to origin and one last thing the program Dropbox now has a feature setup where if you take a screenshot with Dropbox open it automatically saves it for you thanks for stopping by see you next time

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