How To Steal High Quality Discord Profile Pictures!

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all right today Im gonna show you guys how to actually get a high quality version of someones profile picture on discord so to start out with were going to click on someones profile Ive chosen a developer here so I dont use anyone without their permission and the developers dont really care Im wasting time lets get on with it so we have their profile here its actually even a gift what were gonna do is were gonna go ahead and hit ctrl shift I and I believe

this works in the browser as well but Im using the desktop client and this will go ahead and open the inspect window now it looks a little bit complicated if youre a power user maybe not but its not really that hard if you just know what to do so go ahead and click on this which will let you select an element on the page and click on their profile picture here this should pop up here and itll give you a little link here with the

profile picture it should be if itll let me click on it right here so youre gonna go ahead and copy it from quote to quote were gonna hit ctrl C so we can go ahead and copy that and were gonna go ahead and go over to our internet browser here and you can see Ive already done the math but were gonna go ahead and open that and the image looks kind of small and thats not very good and what Ive noticed is that this part

right here determines what the size of the display is and its in binary so if we actually go ahead and take this and multiply it by 16 because thats how binary can work you dont have to worry about it but I found that this can be the highest size if you guys find a higher one let me know Ill go ahead and put it in the description but were gonna go ahead and paste that over what it was and it should give you the highest

of that image so if you wanted to go ahead and lets go ahead and go to our desktop here want to go ahead and drag that onto your desktop you will now have the highest quality version of someones profile picture so there you go thats all you need to know its pretty easy I think and I found it to be very useful recently and since this is anime were gonna go ahead and put it right where it belongs and thatll be the end of the video

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