How to rotate the canvas in Photoshop reset the canvas quick rotation tutorial

how to rotate canvas in photoshop
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hi everyone someone asked me the other day how to rotate the canvas in Photoshop so this is going to be a super quick basic tutorial showing you also I know some people accidentally rotate the canvas in Photoshop and just dont know how to get it back straight so Ill show you that too now Im using Photoshop cs6 for this but it should work work the same in most versions of photoshop, most

digital artists like to be able to rotate the canvas just because it mimics drawing traditionally a bit more so if you look on the left hand side in the toolbar, youve got this button down here, this is the rotate tool, it might show up as the hand tool at first, if so just right click on it and then click the rotation tool alternatively you can just press R on the keyboard, and

once you have done that you just click and drag, you can also hold down SHIFT while you click and drag and it will just do it in equal jumps and its also a bit easier to straighten up then. along this top tool bar you can also type in the angle if you want it to be exact and when youre ready to have your page or canvas straight back up again just click

reset view and its as simple as that. thanks watching I hope you enjoyed this video you can subscribe to my channel by clicking on the subscription button at the bottom of the screen you can also see some of my other videos by clicking the video links on screen now links to my facebook and deviantart can be found in the Description box thanks for watching my how to rotate the canvas in Photoshop tutorial

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