How To Remove WebHelper and uTorrentie.exe (2019)

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alright hey everybody Im going to show you how to remove web helper also known as utorrent II if you dont know what web helper is which Im sure you do because youre on this video is that whenever you downloading something on utorrent you notice that sometimes this comes up web helper and it isnt really something that you should worry about but sometimes it goes through your search data and it also plays advertisement of what your ever youre searching more and it gets pretty annoying because sometimes youre looking youre going through your tabs you know you cant figure out what it is so were gonna figure out Im gonna show you guys how to delete it and figure out how to stop it from ever coming up again so basically what you have to know is that this isnt called web
The Voltreport webhelper-0 How To Remove WebHelper and uTorrentie.exe (2019)
helper so you cant really find it to uninstall it its an add-on from the program utorrent as you can see if I stop you torn from running web helper should go away just a second there we go there they go you see so lets set up u-turning again and this is step one step one is going to go to open utorrent and go to options preferences and youre going to make sure that automatically install updates is checked off now once thats checked off youre gonna press okay and youre going to exit out that next youre going to go to the file explorer and youre going to go to your C Drive and then youre going to go our users whatever user name youre using and then youre going to go to AB data and if you cant find apt Atta
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it means that you have hidden items checked off so to check it on you go to view and check on it and items so you go to AB data roaming utorrent updates youre going to have these folders and the first one theres this program called utorrent II this program is what is causing web helper this is what is so naturally the first thing youre going to try to do is youre going to try to delete it but theres a problem to that what youre going to try it so once you delete it you nothing okay well thats it thats all I have to worry about but I forgot to mention that if you go to utorrent and you start it up again it doesnt matter because utorrent automatically installs it again you see that its back there so what were
The Voltreport webhelper-10 How To Remove WebHelper and uTorrentie.exe (2019)
going to do is youre going to make youre going to trick utorrent into thinking that you already have it installed but all youre going to do is make it do nothing its not going to run anything so to start youre going to close utorrent web helper should go away okay and next youre going to go to the folder so once youre in these once youre in the updates folder youre going to click right-click you can open a new text file it doesnt matter what you name it because youre going to change the name so I just changed whatever you like and open it you dont type anything youre just going to go to file and then save as and once here youre going to name this the exact same name of the program which is utorrent II okay youre going
The Voltreport webhelper-11 How To Remove WebHelper and uTorrentie.exe (2019)
you tor empty and you make sure that its an executable file Exe save and its going to ask you if you would like to replace it which is yes so you press yes so thats done make sure that delete that we dont need anymore and then okay you notice how the size is zero but were not done you have to left-click once and then right click and then go to properties and then make sure read-only is clicked apply and okay and now this make sure that you torrent cannot erase it and then apply the other utorrent T one more time so once thats done you can you can open utorrent and then web helper should not come up alright hopefully I helped you guys out please consider liking and subscribing hopefully this problem is resolved for you and thanks for watching
The Voltreport webhelper-12 How To Remove WebHelper and uTorrentie.exe (2019)
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