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hey whats up you guys so welcome back to my channel and if you dont know me already my name is Coco and I love volleyball and what Ive been doing recently is showing you guys a lot of volleyball tips that will help you to really get at the game and learn how to play volleyball from the beginning so today were going to do the long-awaited overhand volleyball tutorial and there are multiple parts to this tutorial so make sure you watch the whole thing but if you are already subscribed make sure you subscribe to my channel and follow my social media but today lets get right into it and if youve ever played volleyball but with arrow is an analogy for a way to use your arm in order to serve the ball over now what youre going to need for this is a volleyball and if you dont have a volleyball it already I already have a video that Ive already made about how to find a volleyball and its gonna be somewhere up here so what youre gonna do is youre gonna have a volleyball youre gonna extend your arms and this is your non-dominant arm so youre right handed this is your left hand if youre left-handed this is your right hand so what youre going to do is expensive now the first thing about volleyball is we need to learn how to do the talk okay the talks is 90 percent of the reason why volleyballs dont go over its talk if I toss it back here Im gonna end up survey like this if I toss it way out here Im gonna end up leaning forward we want the talk to be just right for us so its meet your hand its a right point of contact one more serving so what were gonna do is youre gonna put your dominant hand behind your back and keep your
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non-dominant hand top right in front of you youre gonna see if the top its right in front of you it shouldnt be too high where you gonna reach it too high whats your low where its too low so after we finished learning about how to do the toss were gonna look at how to contact the ball with our hands now a lot of the things I see a lot of girls who are beginning doing is they try to do the knuckles they try to hit it like this because they think its gonna help it go over you will break your fist like this dont do this you want to have an open palm and have five points of contact that means five points of contact means one two three four five open palm so if you have two before you start serving you have to stop it twice just to get your hand right do that everybody has serving rituals that they use before they serve Im going to show you so in mind when I demonstrate a serve at the end but were gonna learn five points of contact so Im not going to contact the ball here absolutely am I gonna contact the ball here no I put a context about its high point at my talks so toss up tight point thats where were comfortable after letting have to contact the ball with your hand what were gonna do is make sure you follow through and what following through means Im gonna turn this way what following your knee after you serve you dont just stop you you dont go and serve it you stop me you serve and you go all the way through turn all the way through what I tell my clients a lot of time is think about throwing a baseball all the food you thought baseball you just stop here you go all the way
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through so app user youre gonna come all the way through now were going to talk about the most important part which is your body position or your whole arm so with your form you dont just serve and just stay in place okay thats not gonna happen thats not gonna work well for you so youre not gonna see play youre gonna take a step forward and step into it so what youre gonna do is you gonna pick step forward yeah and thats how you gonna turn to go serve step forward step just lets imagine that the line is right here and remember you cannot cross the line while youre serving thats considered its football so what youre going to do is start back from behind the line I start reasonably back when I deal with us servant start and step into starving Stefan okay so now were going to put all of these steps that we learn and were gonna put them all together and then at the end Im gonna teach you about Serbian rituals so Im gonna put them all together dont well the first thing were gonna do we remind ourselves our talk and arrow bow and arrow bow and arrow okay arrow one more time go arrow step and hit reminder you want to keep your phone straight as possible and your arrow dont start here you want to open your arrow all the way up open your body up with all of your power get in here thats dinosaur arm youre going to go just like that you would have opened all the way up so when you start youre gonna go all the way open open oh okay make sure you open it this applies to other terms but to learn how to do it closer its jump float serve jump serve those are videos coming on up but let me talk about serving rituals so
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a different ritual people bounce the ball a couple times some people toss it up and let it fall if youve ever watched volleyball TV or if youve been to a game you might have seen them what I do is I bounce the ball a couple of times I come up slap slap and then I serve so Im gonna show you my full serving ritual one drill that you can use at home or when you go to practice to help you learn get yourselves over because I know serving as a difficult skill for many people what you can do is you start close up to the next start a post event start at the 10-foot line and the 10-foot line before the three meter line the 10-foot line is mine where the front row in the back were divided it said attempt to line try to serve open every time you get a serve over take it step back five serve over every time you get a serve over take it back if you get stuck at a position for a while work on that until you can move back further into you all the way back behind everyone and thats is really you can use in order to learn how to serve better or if youre coach thats the drill I highly recommend using ice with a lot of my clients that really helps you get your serves over also you might want to try just doing bow and arrow just stand like Im doing afterwards bow arrow bow arrow a lot of people are having noodle arms when they come up and they serve them like this or they serve like this its a lot of the time its fixed easily by : so I hope that you like this overhead serving video I know its kind of long but I hope that you like this video please like comment subscribe you
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