How To Integrate With Shipstation

shipstation api
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hello its Clinton here with clickfunnels and in this video were going to talk about how to integrate with shipstation now youre going to need a ship station account API key and API secret in order for you to use this method so lets go ahead and jump into ship station so what were gonna do is inside our ship station account were gonna grab the wrench now now that I clicked on a wrench what we need to do is we need to go over on the left to the API settings now under API settings we need to scroll down and generate or regenerate a API key and API secret now we have them both were gonna make sure we leave this tab open so that when we go over to our clickfunnels account we can integrate quickly into our account now inside our click funnels account we want to go on integrations and then under add new integration were gonna click it were gonna

look for ship station so were just going to type that in there were gonna click on this ship station icon were gonna give our nickname or our integration anything well just call a ship station see ya for click follows now were going to go back to the tab to grab the API key and then the API secret did that kind of backwards so let me do this once we have both the API secret and the API key were going to add integration all right so thats it for this part of the tutorial join me in step 3 as we will connect sip station with your product right here inside of clickfunnels thank you so much for watching if you need additional help or support please reach out to support down below they click it on the button and we will help you out wherever youre stuck within your funnel thank you so much for watching have a great day go be a funnel hacker

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